Snapped at BG: Part 9

Not only is Bergdorf Goodman home to many of the industry’s greatest designers, it’s also a place where people from all over the world visit to find inspiration and excitement while having a luxury shopping experience. In the latest installment of Snapped at BG, we got a chance to speak with some of those curious and lively individuals, ranging from a stylish 11-year-old to a seasoned shoe shopper.

Photography: Reed Young

Gary, Visual Director at Missoni.

“When I was twelve I was styling my parents, they trusted me to dress them and it was great. My dad would even give me a little money to buy him clothes. Around that time I started wanting a doll that I could dress. My father bought me a Ken doll and I went to my mom and told her that what I really wanted was a Barbie doll. She said she would buy me one if I promised not to tell my father.”


Adina, shoe lover.

“I come in here all the time, mainly for shoes. Dominic is the best, he’s my guy. He knows my taste and my size so when he gets something in and he knows I’ll like it he sends me a text. I have two daughters, a 1 and a 3 year old. One of them was almost born here. Well not really, but almost! I was here way too late into that pregnancy.”


Margo, wearing Oscar de la Renta.

“I just bought a new Gucci dress and I’m thrilled about it. I love Gucci. I even love the trendier stuff like that jacket with the huge cat sewn on the back of it. But sometimes when a brand gets as popular as Gucci is right now I get a little worried about how quickly it’ll feel dated. If it looks good I don’t care if it’s 30 years old, I’ll still wear it.”


Lauren, NYC resident.

“Everyone thinks I’m a downtown girl but I never have been. I mean I go downtown for fun, but I’ll always live uptown. Uptown is where the stores are. Where Madison Avenue is. I won’t leave.  I remember Studio 54 for the fashion. It was so much fun. Nobody had a lot money back then so we just had to put something together and do whatever we could do look fabulous. I was one of the first people wearing underwear as outerwear. I would wear bras with jackets or fishnet pantyhoes and high heels. You could wear whatever you want!”



“Rei Kawakubo is still my favorite designer, she is fearless. Demna Gvasalia whom I am very fortunate to work with in the commercial capacity.  Sara Lanzi who is also true to herself and transcends the trends.”


Mia, 11 years old.

“I was born here in New York and my favorite subject in school is math. I just bought this dress today. I got to wear it out of the store. I saw the dress and said “This is mine now!”


Giannina, writer.

“I’m originally from Puerto Rico. I write novels and poetry. So far I’ve published 3 books. The first was in Spanish, the second was bilingual Spanish & English and the third is in English. I did that to show the process of the immigrant coming to the US.  What am I wearing? I take the mood of the moment and translate that into my wardrobe. These colors are the mood of the moment. I love fashion because it’s an affirmation of life.”


Maria and Paula Simon, jewelry designers.

“We launched our new brand in July. We live in Miami and we came to New York for meetings. When we were little girls our dad would go to the men’s store and he would drop us off here at the women’s store first. It always took him like 4 hours to come back and we loved it.”


Joan, NYC resident.

“My jacket is Derek Lam. I saw it in the BG window on 5th ave and I had to have it. I even bought the matching sweater underneath.”


Venus, grandmother to 3, great-grandmother to 4.

“I usually come her for shoes and bags. But last year I bought two mink coats from here. So I get into a little bit of everything.”




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