Snapped at BG: Part 8

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that you never know who you’ll run into at Bergdorf Goodman. From wardrobe stylists and personal shoppers to globe trotters and cultural enthusiasts, the store is constantly filled with glamour and creativity. It’s these individuals that contribute to the one-of-a-kind experience that only Bergdorf Goodman offers.

Photography: Reed Young

DiAndre, Stylist.

“My primary client is Robin Roberts of Good Morning America. Who do I dress her in? Victoria Beckham, Alexander McQueen, Alaia, Ralph Lauren. I’m so devastated to hear about Alaias death, he was a master. I put Robin in Alaia the next day. He was the best.”


Arlene, visits BG daily.

“In February I think I might go to Morocco on a girls trip. Each February we go somewhere new and this year it’s Marrakech. Some years we’ve been as many as 40 women. Are you done asking questions yet? I’ve gotta go play cards with my girlfriends. Every Tuesday we play Canasta.”


Pamela, visiting from Richmond.

“I worked for Condé Nast in beauty, and also for a fashion stylist called Elena Lambert. She was a scary person but she knew a lot about fashion. My look today? I’m not a casual person because I don’t look very good when I’m casual. So I dress like this every day, even when I’m going grocery shopping. The haircut I’ve had since I was 4 years old.”


Johnson, Designer.

“My first time at BG was when I was 16 years old. I came here with my mother and my brother. I remember my mother buying a really chic coat – but I don’t remember the name of the designer. My mother wears Libertine now.”


Mamane, NYC resident.

“I come to BG all the time. I even buy from the women’s store if I find the right things. Often shoes can work as unisex. But today I’m just waiting for a friend who is here to buy fur. I think she wanted something by J. Mendel.”


Esther, Opera enthusiast.

“We live in New Jersey but we come to the city all the time for the Opera. Last night we saw Verdi’s Requiem. I really love the Opera, both for the performance and also the people watching. The Opera is a sea of black so I always try to avoid that. Last night my look was a study of browns.”


Libby, former Personal Shopper.

“When I was younger I always promised myself I would get married by the time I was 50. I ended up getting married but it was 4 days after my 50th birthday.”


Khloe, NYC resident.

“I moved here from Atlanta a year ago. I’m a personal shopper and my workload became too big to stay in Atlanta. Everything I need is here. I have 32 consistent clients. I never sleep. I don’t even remember the last time I shopped for myself. Favorite designer? I hate that Gucci is so trendy because I love it.”


Bryan, visiting from Arkansas.

“We come up every year just after Thanksgiving to go shopping. My wife is trying on some dresses for the Kentucky Derby, she looks good in all of them. I have a feeling some pacemakers are gonna explode. I have about 120 different jackets like this. Most of them are Dolce & Gabbana. I have some nice Tom Ford Jackets too. I live in a small town and everyone knows me as the guy who wears the crazy jackets.”


Mary Michael (left) and Sloan (right), friends.

“Mary Michael: “I’m from Richmond and Sloan is from Chicago. We were both born in London and our parents are good friends. We born 8 days apart and we both want to be artists.”

Sloan: “My favorite color is Navy Blue and my favorite cereal is Frosted Mini Wheats.”

Mary Michael: “I like turquoise and cocoa puffs.”




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