Snapped at BG: Part 16

Whether you’re a resident of New York City or just visiting, you know that Bergdorf Goodman is where you’ll find the most fashion-forward people in town. In our sixteenth installation of Snapped at BG, we met fashion enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds who came from across the globe to discover the magic of Bergdorf Goodman.

Photography: Reed Young

Ethan Li, New York Resident

Ethan’s two and a half. His favorite cartoon? Peppa Pig. His sweatshirt and backpack are from Gucci. I think Gucci makes the best clothes for kids. They seem to be the most comfortable, and of course they’re very recognizable – I mean, look at the stripes, you’ll never miss it!”


Donato Mennella, Visiting from Italy

“I work for Moncler in Italy. I’m wearing a Moncler poncho from the spring/summer 2018 collection. My shoes are a limited edition Nike. Most of the time my style is streetwear, but it depends on how I feel when I wake up in the morning. Yesterday my look was a cross between streetwear and a military uniform.”


Pamela Joyner, New York Resident

“I’ve been shopping at Bergdorf Goodman for so long that there were no elevators when I first started coming here. Big blouses and high waisted pants are my uniform, so I wear them a lot. I like overdone statement blouses and I tend to prefer black and white.”


Heart Evangelista, Visiting from the Philippines


“I’m Filipino and I live in Manila, but I grew up in San Francisco. Mark Bumgarner is a great Filipino designer you should check out. He used to race cars and then he discovered that he’s a designer. He does a lot of couture and I love his work.”




Katy Robbins, Fashion Stylist


“I’m a fashion stylist and I work with country singers, pop stars, chefs, actors, and TV newscasters. I’m based in Nashville now, so the majority of my work is with country singers. Every year in preparation for the Country Music Awards I’m on the 4th floor looking at evening gowns – it’s always my first stop.”




Jude Kingston, Visiting from Australia


“I’ve worked in fashion my whole career. I used to be a buyer but now I consult new and emerging designers. They’re super creative and they do beautiful work, but they know less about the business side of fashion – that’s where I come in. Next month I’m opening a retail store in Australia called Blaek. We’ll stock only brands that fall under the umbrella of ethical, sustainable, recycled or organic. That’s where the future is and it’s gathering momentum at such a fast pace.”





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