Snapped At BG: Part 7

There’s nothing like people watching at Bergdorf Goodman. We are proud to present the latest installment of ‘Snapped at BG’, get to know the fashion enthusiasts, bold creatives, and lifelong New Yorkers who come through our doors.

Photography: Reed Young

Ellen, NYC Resident.

“My new Gucci glasses weigh more than I do, and I love them.”


Heidi, NYC resident.

“11 years ago I started a little charity. It’s for an endangered species center in South Africa. We rescue rhinos, elephants, cheetahs, lions and tigers.”


Esma, visiting from London.

“I’m in New York to see my sister who has a new fashion line and I’m working as her art brand director. Today I dragged my mom here because I felt like she needed to see it. I love it here.”


Luisa, Italian fashion designer.

“I’m here this evening for my friend’s book signing upstairs in the restaurant. How would I describe my style? Feminine, poetic and romantic – with a touch of glamour. It’s inspired by an idea of eternal beauty. It’s timeless, but fashion people love it too.”


Ronit, recently retired.

“I was in finance and I just retired. I love retirement. I have 9 grandchildren and 2 more on the way. I can’t wait to have more and more grandchildren. I’d like to have 40 of them.”


Celine and Ghada, visiting from London.

“We’re from Egypt but we live in London. I’m touring colleges and we’re looking at schools in New York, Boston, and Washington. But I think I want to go to school here in New York. I like NYU. I want to become a lawyer so I’m looking forward to 6 years of school.”

Celine and Ghada

Daniel, 7 years old.

“My hero is spiderman. My favorite thing in New York is shopping at the Disney store in Times Square. I bought Woody and also a Spiderman shooter. We went to see the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Play. That was cool, too.”


Eglantina, Venezuelan.

“I was born and raised in the Venezuelan amazon. My father was an explorer and he wanted to raise his family as close to nature as her could. My parents are still there. My first job was cleaning my father’s 200 pairs of cowboy boots. He had them until switched to Crocs! of all things… I would rather see him in his old cowboy boots.”




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