Snapped At BG: Part 6

When you spend an afternoon walking around Bergdorf Goodman, you are sure to discover some of the most beautiful and innovative fashion in the world. What you may not notice, is that around you are all of the fabulous people who come through our doors to find inspiration and the luxury shopping experience just as you have. Here, in the sixth installment of Snapped at BG, we get to know some of the New York residents and visitors from out of town who caught our attention this summer.

Photography: Reed Young

Bev, visiting from California.

“I’m a retired superior court judge. I worked very hard at my job, but it didn’t define me. I love retirement and I never get bored. Now I love to draw, paint and listen to Jazz.”


Richard, New York resident.

“I come to BG once a week, I visit both the men’s and the women’s store. I live in the neighborhood so I often just come for a walk. I love fashion. I moved from Paris to New York years ago. What do I miss most about France? Nothing. New Yorkers are open minded and kind.”


Maureen, New York resident.

“When I was little I wanted to be a mother. Now I have 8 grandchildren. The blouse is an old Yves Saint Laurent. YSL always fits me well because it runs small. Although the new stuff is very goth.”


Robbie, Editor-in-Chief of Elle Magazine.

“I came in for lunch today. I decided to come out this way to take a peek – and the sparkly things did their job. I had to stop and take a look.”


Phyllis, New York resident.

“I’m not necessarily trendy, but I like to feel current. I like to wear everything from  Oscar De La Renta to  Max Mara, I usually look at the appeal of a garment rather than the designer.”


Michael, blogger.

“I have an event tonight and I’m searching for a look – for shoes I love Gucci. This is my second stop this afternoon. What was the first stop? Chick-fil-a”.


Michele, New York resident.

“I LOVE shoes. Gianvito Rossi is my favorite – they’re beautiful and comfortable. When I was 5 years old my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I told her to go to the store and get me the most expensive pair of shoes she could find. They still tease me about that.”


Feby, New York resident.

“I’m here for shoes. I bought some Valentino camouflage sneakers – too bad I’m not wearing them today because they would match my outfit perfectly. Whose shoe game is sick? Rihanna.”




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