Snapped At BG: Part 3

As you know, the people watching at Bergdorf Goodman is incredible. We are proud to present our third installment of ‘Snapped at BG’, a regular feature where we get to know the fashion enthusiasts, visitors and lifelong New Yorkers who come through our doors.

Photography: Reed Young

Gwen, 5 years old.

“My favorite part of my outfit is my shoes because they look like my mom’s. But my favorite color is pink.”


Patrick McDonald, NYC resident.

“I’m a dandy, darling. I never leave the house without a jacket and a hat. Who is someone I miss? Bill Cunningham.”


Emilia Wickstead, Designer.

“I’m visiting from London, BG is always my first stop shop. I remember living in New York City as an intern, and standing so close to the windows of BG, completely mesmerized. BG seemed so powerful, grand, and glamorous. It felt to me that it was a world on its own. I was transported. It was love at first sight.”


Fatima, NYC resident.

“A lot of people in my neighborhood notice me. I stick out. I think they find me striking because of my height and my sense of style.”


Norisol, NYC resident.

“I think it’s an emotional bond that I have with BG – like a friend. I couldn’t be bored by a friend, my friend might not have a lot to say sometimes, but it doesn’t change the fact that I enjoy being with my friend.”


Juntae, Art student.

“In fashion everything seems to be going back to the wild. A lot of animals, a lot of wild prints, a lot of very authentic textures are in style right now. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s the current political climate.”


Heidy, visiting from San Francisco, California.

“What piece of clothing would I save if my house were on fire? I will save my Loro Piana cashmere coat if it’s winter time, and if it’s summer – one of my Hermes silk scarves. I would describe my style as simple, intellectual, and elegant. My style icon is Jackie Kennedy – as a woman too.”


Latraviette, NYC resident.

“I’d like to think that I’m an original but my mother, my grandmother, and my great grandmother all had great style. So I’m pulling from 3 generations of women who were just fly. My husband probably hates how much I love Bergdorf Goodman.”


Kevin, Occupational Life Coach.

“My style is largely influenced by the golden age of Hollywood… like the leading men of the day in the 30’s and 40’s: Cary Grant, Gary Cooper, and Errol Flynn.”





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