Snapped At BG: Part 2

We are proud that Bergdorf Goodman attracts some of the most colorful, creative, and stylish people on the planet. Here is our second installment of ‘Snapped at BG’, a regular feature where we get to know the fabulous, extraordinary people who come through our doors.

Photography: Reed Young


Brad Fryman, Bergdorf Goodman doorman.

“I’ve worked here for 20 years. I feel a great sense of community, lots of people know me by name and I know their names too. People love seeing a doorman.”


Freddie Love and Stephanie David, new friends.

Freddie: “I’m an opera singer. But a young opera singer is like a good wine that hasn’t aged. People would rather have someone who is 50 years old playing a 20 year old because it’s all about a matured voice.”

Stephanie: “Why are we here? Freddie just finished I’ll Drink to That, so we’re looking for Betty.”


Mary Jane Weiskopf, NYC resident.

“I visit BG once or twice a week. What am I wearing? Dolce & Gabbana of course.”


Sphinx Rowe, Stylist.

“I just came back from Seoul. I did everything from consult startups about challenges and needs of foreign entrepreneurs interested in business in South Korea, did some personal styling and shopping, learned to play the gayageum, almost joined a cult, became lead actress for a show after getting a 12-page script, reviewed some shows for Seoul Fashion Week, and shot some street style.”


Judy Bernosky, Nurse.

“We have been visiting BG for over 15 years. The most memorable for me was December 12, 2012. We make an annual holiday visit however that year was special – why? That year while sitting in the whispering chairs in the BG Restaurant my husband proposed to me! We were congratulated with champagne! Now you know why we always request the whispering chairs.”


Marina Gregory, Theatre Director.

“I came to the store today with my uncle to look at the windows. With my uncle and Lilya here. She’s a Cavalier King Charles.”


Ellie Lemak, visiting from Dallas, Texas.

“My mother has collected handbags since she was young, so she decided to pass the tradition along to her 3 daughters. Luckily she has amazing taste so she’s never failed at gifting me something I love. This year I got a Céline cross body handbag – it’s the perfect size and the light grey color can easily transition into every season.”


Chiharu Sei and Arnaud Remarck, colleagues.

Arnaud: “I’ve watched my dad be in service my whole life and for a very long time that’s what I wanted to do. After he passed away serving his country it changed my life completely, I realized that life is the most valuable thing you have. Life gave me a new purpose while studying here and opened new doors.

Chiharu: “When I paint, I never made a plan on how many colors I want to use or what shape I was going to make nor how I would finish. It’s very interesting to see my feelings on the colors. You should try one day. I have a million reasons to express myself on canvas. Amazing hobby.”


Nicole Toye, Martha Stewart’s personal makeup artist.

“I go makeup shopping all the time, even if I’m not buying anything I still love to see the new exciting trends out there. Being a makeup artist I find myself for hours in the beauty section playing.”



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