Snapped At BG

Every time we have a guest to lunch at the BG Restaurant, they say the same thing: “The people watching in here is amazing.” And it’s true – just like the city we call home, Bergdorf Goodman attracts some of the most colorful, creative, and stylish people on the planet. We know that 5th & 58th has become more than a store, it’s a place for fashion enthusiasts, curious visitors, and lifelong New Yorkers to come be inspired, to discover, and to celebrate.

In a new regular feature called ‘Snapped at BG’ we get to know the fabulous, extraordinary people who come through our doors and make Bergdorf Goodman the vibrant, one-of-a-kind destination it has become.

Photography: Reed Young


Cadey and Kendra Cassidy, sisters visiting from Glasgow, Scotland.

Cadey: “My favourite part of the New York was going  to see the Statue of Liberty.”

Kendra: “My favourite part was ice skating in Central Park, it felt just like a movie. When I am older I would like to be a model or cat doctor.”


Ty Hunter, Celebrity Stylist.

“My first time in BG was probably 13 years ago with Miss Tina Knowles, shopping for Destiny’s Child. I was intrigued by the windows, and every floor was like a candy store for someone who was just breaking into fashion.”


Naomi Kahn, NYC resident and entrepreneur. Coat and tshirt: Chanel.

“I launched my fashion site a year ago after graduating from college. I am lucky to live in NYC where I can experience fashion first hand at stores like Bergdorf Goodman. But most people today are shopping online and missing that fun, spontaneous way you can interact and be provoked by fashion, like passing a BG window. It’s that whimsical sense of stumbling on the unknown that I want to achieve with Half-Mad.”


Antonio De Matteis, CEO of Kiton.  First time at BG was 30 years ago.

“I’m here to to check out Kiton’s pop up shop on the 4th floor.” His thoughts on where the fashion industry is headed?  “I feel like the future of the world is looking for quality.”0945-snapped-at-bg

Sean Frazier, Manager.

“I am Ty Hunter’s manager and my company, SMF Global Management, represents his brands. We met at a show that I walked in for Adriaan Kuiters. My mom is starting to really cherish flats, so I got her a magenta Prada mule. It’s a pop piece that can be dressed up or down. Who doesn’t love a good classic Prada?”


Antoinette Vermilye, visiting  from Geneva, Switzerland.

“I’d describe my style as eclectic, I don’t always dress like this. When I was a child I wanted to be an artist, but didn’t know what kind.  After a lot of trial and error, I’m now an Interior Designer.”


Joan Dichter, NYC Resident.

“Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t stop to tell me how fabulous I look in my glasses. My daughters and friends just are tired of hearing it! I asked my husband why he thought this happens and he said it’s because I appear approachable, have style and presence.

I attribute this to my parents who gave me a good self image. Good self esteem and good self image, to me, are the most important attributes one can have. This was of the utmost importance when Peter and I raised our daughters. The self confidence that you have will help you get through all the challenges that life throws at you and will make you a better person.”


Thad Reid, Video Production.

“I’m in town to shoot a video production for the United Nations. This is my first time coming to BG, usually I shop online. My jacket? It’s Diesel Black Gold.”


George Hoskins, Thoroughbred Horse Breeder, visiting from Lexington, Kentucky.

“I’m just waiting for my wife. I’m not even sure if she’s bought anything yet.”



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