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Miami-native Karla Dascal began her career in floral arrangements, which eventually led to the launch of Karla Conceptual Event Experiences, an award-winning and nationally recognized special events company that she has been at the helm of for over 25 years. After experiencing health problems she was inspired to create The Sacred Space Miami, described as, “an urban oasis and gateway to high vibrational living through tools, practices, products, and education.” The Sacred Space Miami has paved the way for sister entities including Plant Miami, Flow and Paradise Farms, all three of which have vastly contributed to the overall holistic progression of South Florida.

Visit our sixth floor tomorrow, March 28th, from 5:30pm-7:00pm for a conversation between Dascal and Van Ness entitled “Sacred Spaces: Uncover Your Inner Beauty.” In the meantime, we caught up with Dascal to talk about her wellness journey, what inspired her to start The Sacred Space, and more.

Bergdorf Goodman: What inspired you to create The Sacred Space in Miami and what do you hope to achieve with the venture? 

Karla Dascal: My own personal wellness journey is what led me to creating The Sacred Space Miami. It is born out of my own life experiences and passions.

After my own struggle, I realized that without my health, I couldn’t thrive. I ended up traveling the world to study with the most renowned spiritual teachers. I changed my diet  and made a conscious choice to lead an intentional life. As a result, my health improved tremendously, relationships changed and a path of healing emerged as a new  business  direction.

The Sacred Space Miami is that vision—an urban oasis and  gateway to high vibrational living through tools, practices, products and education. Everything that you see and experience here is based on my passion for  a  curated approach to  holistic  wellness,  plant-based diet,  and faith in personal development.  By realigning and redesigning my life, all of my businesses and business ventures now coexist within this holistic framework.

BG: What advice do you have for someone who is looking to emphasize wellness in their life? 

KD: First, eat a plant-centric diet. Second, set a personal and specific wellness intention. Next, implement that new wellness ritual to practice daily. If you practice this every day, it will turn into a habit, which turns into a lifestyle.

BG: Based on your experiences, what have been your most interesting findings in regards to wellness? 

KD: The power of food as medicine—that you can truly heal yourself with what you put into your body. That beauty truly comes from the inside and taking care of your mind, body, spirit is the best form of self care.

BG: What is the biggest misconception when it comes to wellness? 

KD: I would say that wellness is not a sacrifice. Wellness is a lifestyle. It is also not a one-size fits all approach—it is very individualized and personal.

BG: Can you elaborate on your wellness routine and what you have found to be the greatest challenge when it comes to maintaining these practices?

KD: My sacred morning ritual is what sets the tone for my day and week. It begins with a four to six mile walk with intention outside. There is nothing more grounding than being in nature.

After the walk, as directed by the Medical Medium, I drink 16 ounces of celery juice on an empty stomach. The benefits of celery juice are endless. Celery juice is incredibly anti-inflammatory, it balances your body’s pH, and is amazing for energy and immunity.

Next, I always make my adaptogenic super-smoothie which consists of an array of superfoods, healthy fats, mushrooms and adaptogens. Following my 80% plant-centric diet keeps my energy high throughout the week.

Currently, the biggest challenge for me is maintaining my practices while on the road. I travel often to discover new wellness ideas for The Sacred Space Miami and I am learning how to continue my practices while I am away.



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