In The Spotlight: Kelly Wearstler

Anyone who is familiar with our home floor on 7 knows it’s arguably the most impressive space in the store. Within that space lives the Kelly Wearstler boutique which has now been expanded into the hallway for a limited time. Wearstler’s Head Trip Sculpture Gallery is on display in the middle of the hallway alongside an amazing selection of tableware, home décor, furniture (who wouldn’t want to own that amazing table and chess set?!), and last but not least–Compartés chocolates! Read on to find out more about Wearstler’s inspirations and advice on how to decorate your home!

BERGDORF GOODMAN: Tell us the inspiration behind the Head Trip Sculpture Gallery.
KELLY WEARSTLER: Punk is a big point of inspiration for me. The irreverent freedom of that movement is all about exploration, taking risks and spinning pop culture on its head. I like the idea of something sophisticated with a rebel heart. The juxtapositions of opposites is very much entrenched in my aesthetic – vintage and contemporary, masculine and feminine, raw and refined. The Head Trip sculptures draw upon my love of vibrant color, figural form, and beautiful, one-of-a-kind stones and minerals. They are the embodiment of so many of my favorite elements of design. Each one is individually named and hand signed. They have distinctive personalities.

BG: You work with a great mix of collaborators on your collections—how do you choose who to work with?
KW: My collaborations have come about super organically, which is incredible. I have been amazingly fortunate to work with so many collaborators I admire, from Kartell, The Rug Company and Lee Jofa to Bergdorf Goodman and Compartés Chocolates, and as well talented artists from around the world.  It’s incredibly rewarding to work together.  I find it very inspiring to be challenged and to learn something new from all the different people, all the different perspectives.

BG: If you could choose any place, what is your dream space to furnish/decorate?
KW: My boys are 11 and 12. I cannot wait to decorate their homes one day. Educating their eyes about art and design is one of my greatest joys as a mother.

BG: What’s your best advice to people who are looking to decorate/re-decorate their homes?
KW: Take risks. Embrace color. Experiment. I often tell clients to go into their closets and take stock of what colors they feel most comfortable wearing. It can be a good starting point. Odds are if it feels great on your skin, you will enjoy it in your home. Colors evoke such powerful moods. Living without color is like living without love.

BG: What does the BG brand mean to you?
KW: Bergdorf Goodman is the epitome of imagination and refinement. It is a curated place full of fantastical idealism and glamour. There’s nothing more delightful and surreal than the holiday windows. They are magical. Bringing a little magic into the everyday is what the brand means to me. Make sure to come by seventh floor to check out the Kelly Wearstler hallway–this is something you won’t want to miss.

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