Real Talk: Best Of Friends

Who has a bigger influence—on your style, your mood—than your BFF? We asked some best pals to share how they became friends, their pet peeves and their favorite things to do.

Giorgia Tordini & Gilda Ambrosio


The chic Italian street-style favorites combine their vastly different aesthetics as the designers of Attico, the opulent collection they introduced in 2016, which debuts at Bergdorf Goodman this season.

When did you know you’d be BFFs?

Giorgia: After launching Attico, we are inseparable.

What do you love most about your BFF?

Giorgia: Her strength and work ethic.

Gilda: She’s exactly what I’m not!

What’s her most annoying habit?

Giorgia: Being late.

Gilda: She’s always on time.

What’s the most striking difference between you?

Giorgia: Style and personality—we are opposite in both.

Gilda: Everything. That’s why we match!

What’s your favorite thing to do together?

Gilda: Vintage shopping for research.


Parris & Chloé Gordon


The Canadian sisters mix dramatic, avant-garde silhouettes with a refined, wearable sensibility in their collection, Beaufille.

Did you share clothes growing up?

Chloé: Always. But never shoes—we were never the same size.

Parris: There was some sharing, some taking!

What’s the best part of working together?

Chloé: Being able to be totally yourself while creating and having someone else you trust giving you feedback, even if it’s harsh. Sisters can say anything to each other. And being able to share so many amazing moments and experiences together.

Parris: In a sense, we’ve been partners since a young age, so it’s been totally natural. Our points of view, quality standards and business ethics are all in line. This saves a lot of time and arguments!

What’s the hardest part of working together?

Parris: Separating sisterly nonsense from business stress. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if tension is coming from something more internal from the sister relationship or from business stress.

What do you love most about your BFF?

Chloé: Her passion, dedication and honesty in everything she does.

Parris: Her dedication, work ethic and perseverance.

What’s her most annoying habit?

Chloé: Impatience.

Parris: Leaving her phone volume on during the day!


Harley & Rio Viera-Newton


London-born, New York–based DJ Harley brings her collection of vintage-inspired dresses, HVN, to Bergdorf Goodman this season. Her sister, Rio, is a music writer and publicist.

When did you know you’d be BFFs, not just sisters?

Harley: When Rio was born, I was extremely jealous, because she was stealing all of my attention and she had green eyes. But I fell for her pretty quickly and knew immediately she was my best friend.

Were you close growing up?

Rio: Yes. Naturally, we spent some time bullying one another. More out of obligation than anything. I think we always secretly liked each other though.

Did you share clothes growing up?

Rio: I wouldn’t call it “sharing” necessarily. I definitely did some stealing.

What’s the most striking difference between you?

Rio: I wear pants and she wears dresses.

Harley: I hate to admit it, but she’s a lot funnier than me.

What’s your favorite thing to do together? 

Harley: We like to snack together. We’re a very good team when it comes to eating.

Rio: I also like shopping with her. If I try something on, and it doesn’t look good, she’s the only one who will tell me straight up, “That’s not the moment.”


Erin McKenna & Kerry Diamond


Erin makes gluten-free, vegan treats at Erin McKenna’s Bakery on the Lower East Side. Kerry is a co-owner of Nightingale Nine, Wilma Jean, and Smith Canteen in Brooklyn, and a cofounder of Cherry Bombe, a magazine about women and food.

How did you meet?

Kerry: I am one of the biggest fans of her baked goods, so I reached out to get her in the magazine. She wound up on the cover, and we wound up friends.

When did you know you’d be BFFs?

Erin: When I introduced her to my other friends as my BFF and she didn’t run away from me or stop returning my texts.

What’s her most annoying habit?

Erin: She can overcommit.

Kerry: She finds the time to meditate. I’m still working on that.

What’s the most striking difference between you?

Erin: I’m quick to pull the trigger on things, and she is much more thoughtful.

Kerry: She’s a mom. I have a cat and some houseplants.

What’s your BFF’s pet peeve?

Erin: Misogyny.

Kerry: Mean people.

What’s your favorite thing to do together?

Kerry: Talk shop.

Erin: Shopping for produce in Chinatown.

Alana Da Fonseca & Rebecca Naomi Jones



Rebecca Naomi Jones

Alana is a songwriter and producer for television shows and movies, including Empire and Pitch Perfect. After starring on Broadway in American Idiot and Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Rebecca will appear in the play Significant Other starting February 14.

How did you meet?
Rebecca: We met at a daytime summer camp with a focus on creative and performing arts when we were 11.
When did you know you’d be BFFs?
Alana: At first sight.
Rebecca: Our friendship solidified because of our mutual love of music—we sang together in perfect harmony all the way to and from camp, every single day. I’m sure there’s no way that was annoying for anyone else on the bus.
What do you love most about your BFF?
Rebecca: She’s the perfect balance of mischievous fun and a generosity of spirit that always makes you feel taken care of.
What’s the most striking difference between you?
Alana: She’s a soprano; I’m an alto. Aside from that, we’re identical. Oh, and she has freckles.
What’s your BFF’s pet peeve?
Alana: Her own messiness—it is epic and matched only by my own.
Rebecca: When people don’t live up to their potential.
What’s your favorite thing to do together?
Alana: Dance in matching outfits. And film it. Then e-mail it to all our friends.

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