Glam Squad: Phone Facts With Marchesa


Follow Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig on Instagram, and you can count on two things: red-carpet ready dresses from their label, Marchesa, and snaps from their globe-trotting adventures. Here are their digital obsessions.

First app you check in the morning

G: E-mail, New York Times, BBC
K: E-mail, Breaking News

Last app you check at night13285469_974976905884165_830237828_n.jpg

G: E-mail, New York Times, MailOnline (just don’t tell anyone!)

K: Instagram, New York Times, my Mi Fit

Last text you sent

G: To Keren

K: To Georgina. We send each other silly pictures, mostly from MailOnline.

Most text-happy friend

G: Pretty much everyone now
K: My mother!


Biggest time-waster

G: New York Times Real Estate, 1stdibs
K: Etsy
Last person you spoke to on the phone13285469_974976905884165_830237828_n.jpg

G: My husband

K: My husband

Instagram accounts you follow for inspiration

G: @magicbusUSA is Asia’s largest mentoring organization, and it is very close to my heart, @hamishbowles, @natgeo
K: @everytown, @hamishbowles, @johnderian


Most stylish people on Instagram

G: @kerencraigmarchesa, @tabithasimmons, @privategg
K: @georginachapmanmarchesa, @batgio

When you turn off your phone

G: Always when I’m at the theater
K: Never. Sometimes I put it on airplane mode, but never off!

Most-played song12935108_154829924916565_1276501658_n.jpg

G: Whatever my six-year-old daughter is into. She has taken over DJ duties in the car.

K: Pink Floyd, “Wish You Were Here” 

Most-used emoji

G: Heart & big grin
K: Kissing lips
Top three phone etiquette rules

G: 1. No phone at dinner table. 2. No phone at a restaurant. 3. No phone at the theater.
K: 1. Never before 9:30 a.m. 2. Never after 9:30 p.m. 3. Rules don’t apply on weekends. 

Selfie tip

G: Longer arms would be good for better angles! Failing that, good lighting.

K: Put it through the Ava Photo app; you’ll lose 10 years! (Thanks, Rachel Roy, for the selfie coaching!)


Shop the Marchesa collection on starting in November.

Follow the designers at @georginachapmanmarchesa and @kerencraigmarchesa, and don’t forget @bergdorfs.

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