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This season we’re celebrating the internationally recognized personal style of our store associates—in this issue, in the store, on and in a special window installation. Here, we asked some of our personal stylists to share their fashion philosophies and a few standouts from the Spring Collections.

Domenica Paradisi


Favorite style rule to break: “I have no rules when it comes to fashion. I break them all!”

Worst fashion faux pas: “When the clothes don’t fit the body or the personality. Be yourself!”

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Michelle Fields


Style philosophy: “Fashion is an art form for the body. You should only invest in pieces that make your heart sing.”

Worst fashion faux pas: “Looking like you are trying too hard.”

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Ryan Baker


First thing you ask a client: “Her name. I think you can tell a lot right off the bat by the way a client introduces herself.”

Everyone should have: “One killer blazer. It’s the easiest way to add polish to any look. It’s just all about finding that perfect fit.”

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Daniel Torrez


Signature style: “Doing the most—I’m not afraid to wear any type of shiny, embellished piece during any time of the day. If it’s shining, I want to wear it.”

Fashion specialty: “Building inter-seasonal wardrobes. It’s important not to forget your favorite summertime classics just because the weather is cooling off. Layering is everything.”

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Sam Goldstein


Can’t live without: “Turtlenecks. Black for fall/winter, and white for spring/summer. And my jackets—they’re my frosting!”

Fell in love with fashion: “Easter Sunday, when I was six years old. My mother made my outfit. It was amazing, and my shoes were fabulous!”

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Shari Schmeltzer


Fell in love with fashion: “When I was one-and-a-half years old there was a snowstorm and I refused to leave the house without my dress, shoes and tights.”  

Every woman should have: “A great pair of heels she can walk in and a dress that makes her feel sexy and confident, and can go from day to night.”

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Lindsey Bernay

Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 12.10.11 AM

Fell in love with fashion: “I was 18 and I felt mediocre: I wasn’t a great student, sports wasn’t my thing, I didn’t have a passion. When I found dressing women, I found myself.”

Fashion specialty: “Connecting with women through clothes. I enjoy helping them build a wardrobe to take on the world.”

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Vanessa Sterbenz


Style philosophy: “Dress how you feel. Every day is different and your clothes help to convey what you are feeling.”

Favorite style rule to break: “I have two: Navy and black DO go together and are very chic. Metallics can be worn day or night.”  

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Anthony Allred


Fell in love with fashion: “I grew up in a small border town in Texas, and when I was in sixth grade I went to the mall and discovered fashion magazines. I was instantly smitten.”

If you didn’t work in fashion: “I’d be a spy.”

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Kayon Williams


Everyone should have: “A fab leather jacket. It can make a conservative sheath dress current and stylish or take you from the office to dinner.”

Zodiac Sign: “Gemini—I love to change my personal style, like a chameleon.”

Worst fashion misstep: “Thinking you need to wear every trend.”

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Necha Treitel


Style philosophy: “Wearing what you feel good in frees you to enjoy experiences.”

Fashion faux pas: “There are no rules anymore. Wear what makes you happy. But don’t underdress—it brings down the room.”

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Sandi Sheppard


Signature style: “I like effortless dressing: clean lines, no fuss, just put it on and go.”

Zodiac sign: “Virgos are neat and organized and attentive to details—that’s me.”

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Danielle Paltrowitz


Can’t live without: “Heels! The higher the better. They speak volumes by themselves.”

Zodiac sign: “Virgo. I’m a perfectionist who pays close attention to detail.”

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Patricia Luensmann


Signature Style: “Simple items like jeans and a T-shirt with exaggerated fashion items like a fur coat or an oversized vest.”

If you didn’t work in fashion: “I would be a personal trainer. I just love helping people build confidence and look their best.”

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Linda David


Favorite style rule to break: “Wearing one designer head-to-toe. I think mixing designers in one look is more interesting because it shows your taste.”

Worst fashion faux pas: “Wearing clothes that fit incorrectly, especially if something is too small.”

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Tina Sussman

Style philosophy: “Always feel confident.”

Everyone should have: “A great black suit. It’s so versatile—you can wear the jacket with jeans or the pants with a T-shirt and leather jacket.”

Jason Le Viere

Jason LeViere

Style philosophy: “You shouldn’t own anything you don’t absolutely love.”

Everyone should have: “A perfectly tailored navy suit. It’s like a blank check—the possibilities are endless.”







Rami Zaitoun

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 4.50.29 PM

Fell in love with fashion: “I was very young. My father was a tailor, and my mother created dresses and gowns for royalty and celebrities back home in Syria.”

Favorite style rule to break: “All of them! My favorite is mixing patterns, textures and prints.”




Chris Frangoulis

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 4.29.30 PM

Signature style: “Streetwear, but I also like to incorporate American classics and early ’90s grunge.”

Style philosophy: “It’s about self-expression and having fun. I almost view it as performance art—I want to spark people’s imaginations.”






Ted Samin


NEW Ted Samin MEN's

Fashion specialty: “My clients always mention how honest I am when choosing looks.”

Favorite style rule to break: “It’s OK to wear sneakers with a suit.”







Elias Comfort

elias comfort

Everyone should have: “Linen and loafers.”

First thing you ask a client: “What makes you most comfortable, and what style have you not tried?”




Anthony Gonzales


Style philosophy: “Always dress for yourself. Wear what makes you feel good and makes you happy.”

Worst fashion faux pas: “Men who wear their jackets too long.”







Ricky Song

ricky song

Fell in love with fashion: “As a Korean American adoptee, I’ve always looked to fashion as a powerful medium for creating and expressing your identity.”

Everyone should have: “A great-fitting pair of jeans.”




Deborah Anne DeSanto

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 4.44.47 PM

Fell in love with fashion: “In second grade, my mom was heading to a parent-teacher conference and I protested until she changed into something I knew my teacher would love.”

If you didn’t work in fashion: “I’d be a dog walker on the Upper East Side, the ones with 50 dogs at once. What a challenge!”



George Glynos

George Glynos

Worst fashion faux pas: “Not staying current. It’s so easy for a man to allow himself to just make do with what’s been in his wardrobe for a long, long time.”

Style philosophy: “Men want and need a wardrobe that makes them look good and feel great, with ease and versatility.”






Enrico Pedico

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 4.45.57 PM

Style philosophy: “Luxury is an expression of good taste in the choices that make up your lifestyle—in fashion as well as art, food, culture and travel.”

Fell in love with fashion: “When I was 15. My family has been in fashion for two generations. I designed for women and men and had my own clothing company in Italy—I’m from Bari, on the southeast coast—before moving to America.”



Experience an installation inspired by our stylists in the windows at 5th and 58th February 4 to 26

Illustrations: Mark Gagnon, Carlos Aponte, Sara Singh, Damien Cuypers, Toby Neilan



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