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Los Angeles-based twin brothers Simon and Nikolai Haas are known for pushing artistic boundaries, and their collaboration with founder and creative director of L’Objet Elad Yifrach is no exception. As Nikolai mentions below, “We are very different types of designers but found a common ground immediately in fantasy and in meticulous craft.” Ahead of the collaboration launch at BG, we spoke with all three men on how the project came to be, what inspired the collection, and the pieces they’re most excited about. Read more below and shop the pieces in store on 7.

Bergdorf Goodman: When did the three of meet and how has your relationship evolved since? 

Elad Yifrach: I met Simon and Nikolia about 3 years ago in Miami during Art Basel, when they were signing books and showing their work at Design Miami. We spoke about how we started our design work in LA. I was introduced to them a second time about a year ago with the goal of working on a collaboration.

When we met in LA at The Haas Brothers Studio, the connection was magical and ideas began flowing instantly. We knew it was right from the onset—and it only became more obvious as we started working on the collection. Our design languages are so different, but we share the same passion of inspiring you and making you dream.

BG: Can you tell us a bit about how the collaboration between you and L’Objet came about? 

Simon Haas: We were put in touch by our mutual friend Thomas Rom, who was convinced we would do something beautiful together.  We hit it off immediately and quickly started brainstorming a collection. Nikolai and I we were really excited about Elad’s passion and enjoyed seeing what stood out to him as parts of our work that could translate into a dinner experience.  I think we all felt the same thing—that we wanted to focus on dinner as a ritual and celebration—we all feel the same about objects having an importance beyond being pretty.  When passions are aligned it leads to a really wonderful working relationship and it’s something we recognized would be successful immediately.

Niki Haas: Like Elad said we met in our studio in LA and just talked about what got us excited about design, and how we could create something together that felt truly experiential. We are very different types of designers but found a common ground immediately in fantasy and in meticulous craft. It was easy for us to get started. We were collaborating already after sitting down for 15 minutes.

BG: What was the inspiration behind the collection?

EY: The collection is about two worlds coming together, the meeting of our design house and The Haas Brothers’ fantasy world. Our collections are often inspired by a place, a culture or a moment in history. Joshua Tree is one of the places that inspired many of the pieces in the collection. It’s ancient and surreal at the same time and has been a special place for the brothers for many years. We imagined all the creatures in the collection coming to life there. To me, the brothers’ studio was also a fountain of inspiration, seeing them work with so many materials and demonstrate amazing craft and humor with everything they touch. It is greatly inspiring and sparked many of the ideas we made into pieces in the collection.

BG: Is there a particular piece that you are most excited about? Can you tell us about the Fargo Box?

SH: I’m in love with the ceramic lamp because it’s a chic form that could fit into any space but it has a fantasy sculpted into the surface. I’m obsessed with lighting my own home and really appreciate an object that I can sit and stare at when I’m relaxing. There is also an element of nostalgia to this lamp for me—I remember having little spinning landscape lamps with pinhole stars in them as a kid and they were a door to drifting into fantasy, which I feel this lamp does as well.  The glow is calming and sensual and I can place myself into that landscape and dream away.

NH: The Fargo box is definitely up there. For me, it would be between that and the Lazy Susan. They both look completely like sculpture to me but have very practical use. It’s hard to fulfill fantasy and function so fully. I’m really proud of those pieces.  The Lynda box is so rad. I love that you have to open its mouth to get the mini plates. It’s elegant and humorous.

EY: To me the most exciting pieces are the ones with the surprising functional element to them. The Lynda plate box and Lazy Susan in particular make me smile over and over again. The Fargo Plate Box is inspired by BG’s very own Linda Fargo and her signature red lips. It’s full of humor, yet elegant just like Linda’s style.

BG: What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Bergdorf Goodman? 

SH: Classic New York.

NH: Rad expensive stuff!

EY: BG for me is the symbol of everything beautiful.



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