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Zoe Bradley’s Japanese Hanging Garden

Our visual team reveals their fashion week installation.

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In the midst of a blustering New York winter, I find it  refreshing when the spring merchandise starts to arrive and we transform the store into brights and florals. Our latest installation located on the Main Floor and 5th Ave is from Artist Zoe Bradley. Her medium is paper where she creates showpieces that combine sculpture, fashion and theatre. She graduated from Middlesex University in 1997, and was a student of Alexander McQueen‘s assisting him with designing showpieces for his fashion shows.

*click through the slideshow to see more of Zoe’s work*

I have been a fan of hers for quite a while and now have the pleasure of installing her “Japanese Hanging Garden Mobile” in our Luxury Room — just in time for Fashion Week. The mobile is designed to hang in a large open space where it can move and be viewed from different perspectives, like a living floral sculpture that feeds off the environment. I hope you enjoy this taste of Springtime in February.

- Christina Quidone

 Installation will be live from Monday, February 4th through Monday, March 4th.