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YSL Forever Youth Liberator

Next level skin care

3 7 2012

Ever sit back and give thought to ‘why’ skin shows signs of aging? Other than the obvious (getting older), what’s the real reason behind 11′s betwixt brows, zig-zag road mapping at outer corners of eyes, and overly-expressive lines that book-end the mouth?

According to the collective brain power behind Yves Saint Laurent’s latest skin care innovation, Forever Youth Liberator (212 872 8654), the linchpin is glycans — when skin slows down its production of glycans, the first signs of aging appear. [Who knew?!] Glycans are found naturally on the surface of cells and are essential in maintaining youthful skin. They primarily work to communicate and stimulate skin’s youth-promoting functions. Think of glycans as little skin messengers that relay signals that are essential to skin regeneration. As glycans decrease with age, the youth message is diminished and skin’s regenerative process is limited. . . and, well — hello mature skin.

Thankfully, YSL Forever Youth Liberator was developed to target and improve skin’s production of glycans. Glycantif (YSL’s unique patent-pending complex) unlocks the code of dis-functioning cells that age the skin. Sounds somewhat sci-fi, we know. . . so let’s get down to the clinical trials: After trying Forever Youth Liberator Serum just once, participants reported that complexion appeared more even in tone, radiant, fresh, and bright. With seven days of use, skin appeared less fatigued and glowed. After one month of using the reparative elixir, skin was visibly less lined, plump, and re-sculpted.

Well we’ve been conducting our own trials internally, and two fan favorites have emerged — Our resident Beauty Girl, Felicia, is all about the instantaneous brightening effect of YSL Forever Youth Liberator Eye Creme. The micro-shimmer flecks give eyes an immediate boost of bright. Our YSL counter manager, who’s been using YSL Youth Liberator Serum for over a month, reports that her skin texture is greatly improved, more supple, and appears lifted!

We feel it’s time you experience Forever Youth Liberator for yourself. Join YSL on the Beauty level for mini facials and makeovers.

March 5, 2012 – March 10, 2012

Book your one-on-one session: 212 872 8654

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