Year of the Snake / 蛇年礼品精选

If you think the New Year’s celebration is over, think again! Here at Bergdorf Goodman, we indulge ourselves in another beginning of a year, celebrated by more than 1.3 billion people in the world. Now that Chinese New Year will be here on February 10th, have you properly prepared to welcome the New Year yet?

如果你以为新年庆祝活动已经全部结束了,那你可想错了。在Bergdorf Goodman百货,我们不仅仅庆祝元旦新年,还有一个盛大的新年我同样不会错过中——中国年。2月10日就是蛇年第一天了,你为迎接新年都准备好了吗?


In ancient Chinese culture, snakes were once to be worshiped. People born in the Year of the Snake are determined to accomplish their goals and fearless to challenge themselves. They are charismatic, cunning and charming. They have great wisdom in career and even greater taste in music, food and art.



But no worries on topping their gift expectations. Here we select 8 great surprises store-wide for a fabulous start of a Chinese new year:

要想给这样的一群人送上合他们心意、配得上他们品味的礼物也许有一定难度。但是不要担心,这里我们已经为你走遍整个Bergdorf Goodman百货精心挑选了8样新年惊喜礼物,确保你的新年有个无比幸福的开始:


Roberto Cavalli – Snake Temple Sunglasses

Roberto Cavalli 蛇形装饰墨镜

A pair of exquisite sunglasses is always a good gift in need for all the four seasons. These serpent-detailed Roberto Cavalli sunglasses flatter for nearly every face shape. They are just large enough to add mystique without taking over your look.

一副制作精美的墨镜是一年四季都用得到的安全好礼物。这副以蛇形为设计细节的Roberto Cavalli墨镜适合任何脸型。遮住的脸部面积大小堪称完美——即能增加神秘感又绝不会抢走整体造型的风头。

About Roberto Cavalli:

In 1972, Roberto Cavalli unveiled his collection of wildly inspired clothes in his hometown of Florence. Today, the line has a celebrated fan base devoted to its animal prints and provocative designs. The collection includes dramatic sunglasses in addition to its sexy apparel.  212 872 2544

关于Roberto Cavalli:

1972年,Roberto Cavalli在他意大利的家乡佛罗伦萨第一次展示了他以自然世界为灵感的设计系列。如今,他有着一众忠实于动物皮纹前卫设计的铁杆粉丝。此次设计系列除了性感的时装,还增加了奢华墨镜系列。


Tom Ford – Two-Headed Serpent Coral Red Silk Clutch

Tom Ford – 双头蛇红色丝质手抓包

Have a Chinese New Year gala to attend? Carry a slim, sleek satin Tom Ford clutch, with evocative snake handle, doubles as jewelry. Bold red, glorious gold, and the spiritual snake – sometimes, you only need one extraordinary accessory to have it all.

新年佳节免不了有大大小小的公司年会、家庭晚宴需要出席吧?何不带上这款干净利落却不失奢华的丝质Tom Ford手抓包。细节亮点在于那个以双头蛇为形状的金色手柄,让这款手抓包如同珠宝一般,瞬间点亮贵气。亮眼的红色、闪耀的金色、以及富含象征意义的蛇形装饰——有时候,身上有那么一件完美配饰就可以让整体造型画龙点睛。

About Tom Ford:

After gaining international fame turning Gucci into an icon of sexy, modern fashion, American designer Tom Ford introduced his own collection in 2005. Part of the original line: visionary eye-wear designs that were instantly sported by celebrities and international jet setters. 212 872 2839

关于Tom Ford:

美国设计师Tom Ford在带领国际一线奢侈品牌Gucci成为性感摩登的时尚领军品牌之后,在2005年开创了他自己的同名品牌。他的墨镜系列是最早的品牌产品,很快所有品牌产品被众多世界顶级明星名流拥戴,成为国际一线品牌。


Amy Zerner – Snake Bangle

Amy Zerner – 蛇形手镯

In early Egyptian society snake jewelries were the symbol of royalty and the Romans regarded the snake as a symbol of everlasting love. The spiritual meanings aside, there’s a certain appeal about a snake bangle – the flexibility. The appeal of flexibility is flatteringly doubled when a fair lady’s elbow is modeling the Amy Zerner spiritual snake bangle.

在最古老神秘的埃及文化中,蛇象征着顶级皇室。罗马文化中,蛇被认为是永恒爱情的代表。抛开象征意义,一个蛇形的手镯总有它说不清道不明的魅力——那种仅属于蛇的极度柔韧感。Amy Zerner手镯佩戴在一个精致女士的手臂上立刻让这样的柔韧感魅力立刻几何级加倍。

About Amy Zerner:

Based in the Hamptons, Amy Zerner is both a ready-to-wear (called spiritual couture) and jewelry designer, as well as a world-renowned astrologer. In addition to her Animal Powers jewelry collection (ie: the snake jewelry), she designs astrology jewelry pendants. She also has a monthly horoscope feature on 5th/58th!  212 872 8901

关于Amy Zerner:

来自汉普顿的Amy Zerner是一个多才多艺的设计师,既设计日常时装又设计精美首饰。她同时还是世界著名的星座学家。她除了设计“动物力量”(Animal Powers)首饰系列外,还设计12星座的项链链坠。她在我们Bergdorf Goodman博客5th/58th上每个月都有星座解读连载。想要了解更多关于她的信息,可以登录她的个人网站:


DoDo – Snake Charm

DoDo – 蛇形手链链坠 

Nothing dazzles like this little serpent-shaped bracelet charm does. The Dodo Snake Charm enchants everyone at a glimpse. It’s effortless, undemanding, yet distinctly present.


About DoDo:

A whimsical part of the Pomellato jewelry brand, DoDo only focuses on animal pendants and charms. DoDo also is committed to raising endangered animal awareness through their partnership with the WWF. Also, each of their animal charms reveal something about its wearer, with the snake meaning Apple, anyone?  212 872 2518



Lanvin – Enamel Snake Choker Necklace

Lanvin – 蛇形瓷釉项链

Be daring. Be strong. Kick off a brand-new year with a statement jewelry that gives your look avant-garde bite. This slithering snake Lanvin necklace is born to be a dramatic eye-catcher. Just like you.


About Lanvin:

Lanvin is the oldest French house of fashion still creating collections. Founded by Jeanne Lanvin as a millinery on Faubourg Saint-Honore in 1889 Paris, the company earned a following among French socialites. Today, critically acclaimed designer Alber Elbaz upholds the Lanvin tradition of supremely well-made clothes, adding shoes, handbags, jewelry and accessories to the collection. 212 872 8958


Lanvin是如今仍然不断推成出新的众多设计品牌中历史最为悠久的一个。1889年,Jeanne Lanvin在巴黎圣•奥诺雷街开创了第一间女士帽饰店,很快成为当时法国社交圈的焦点。如今,世界著名的品牌设计师Alber Elbaz让Lanvin在保持其精美时装设计的基础上添加了鞋类、手袋、珠宝及各类配饰系列。


Judith Leiber – Snake Minaudiere

Judith Leiber – 蛇形手抓包

Judith Leiber novelty minaudiere just brings out the most adorable side of any animals. Her design exudes sheer animal magnetism. What speaks a prosperous Year of the Snake louder and clearer than an extravagant gold-patterned red python with meticulously hand-set Austrian crystals.

Judith Leiber的创新手抓包设计总能让动物最惹人爱的一面得以完美体现。她的设计让动物的号召力超越了其本身魅力而达到美的共识。还有什么比这款华丽金饰的蛇形手抓水晶包更能象征一个美好富足的新年呢?所有水晶都采用奥地利进口石材全程手工精心制作。

About Judith Leiber:

Begun in 1963, Judith Leiber is an American luxury brand that is synonymous with elegance, style, and sophistication. Each product is executed with meticulous attention to detail and flawless handcraftsmanship. Miniaudierés from the collection are part of the permanent design collections at The Victoria and Albert Museum in London, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, The Smithsonian Institute in Washington, The Houston Museum of Fine Arts and the Los Angeles Museum of Art. Adding to Hollywood’s nearly 50-year love affair with the brand, nearly every First Lady dating back to 1953 has carried custom-made Judith Leiber bags to the U.S. Presidential Inauguration ceremonies. Judith Leiber is truly an iconic American brand. 212 872 2872

关于Judith Leiber:

从1963年开始,Judith Leiber这个美国奢侈品牌就已经与优雅、格调、高端成为同义词。每样产品都由精心到每一处细节的手工艺制作,可谓毫无瑕疵的作品。化妆包式手抓包系列(Miniaudierés)是伦敦维多利亚和阿尔伯特博物馆、纽约大都会博物馆、华盛顿史密斯国家博物馆、休斯敦美术馆以洛杉矶美术馆永久性展出的艺术品。50多年来一直是好莱坞各大明星的专宠。1953年开始的每任美国总统夫人分别都定制Judith Leiber的手抓包来参加总统就职典礼。Judith Leiber是一个历史标志性的美国品牌。


Bernard Maisner Stationery

Bernard Maisner文具

Give the gift of the Year of the Snake’s good fortune to a friend, loved one, or colleague (or to your own workspace!) with these dynamic desk accessories featuring an elaborate snake design by Bernard Maisner.

给你亲爱的朋友、另一半、同事(或者你自己的办公室)一份蛇年大礼。这款精美的桌面文具饰品是由国际著名书法艺术家Bernard Maisner专门为蛇年设计的精美桌面文具系列。

About Bernard Maisner:

An internationally renowned calligrapher and artist for more than 30 years, Bernard Maisner weaves his talents into his stationery. These works of art feature beautiful calligraphy, gilded engravings, and unique inks. Many are hand-painted originals, making them highly collectible.

关于Bernard Maisner:

30年来,Bernard Maisner一直是国际名声显著的书法艺术家。Bernard Maisner把他的艺术才华全部注入他的文具设计系列。每款文具设计包含着挥洒自如的书法、镀金的浅雕、以及独一无二的墨水画。很多作品都是艺术家本人的真迹手稿,具有极高的收藏价值。

MARC JACOBS – VPB Essential Compact Journal


It’s time to go classy when everybody else is using an iPad Mini. Whenever an inspiration strikes, take out the exquisite Marc Jacobs Year of the Snake journal to perpetuate it. That act, in fact, will be an inspiration to others. An even better news? It will be your gift with purchase when shopping Marc Jacobs (w/o 1/28-2/2).

当其他人都在用iPad Mini记事的时候,恰巧是回归纸笔体现格调的最佳时机。每当灵感乍现,掏出这本设计精美的Marc Jacobs蛇年记事本让灵感永久停格在纸笔之间。这记录的瞬间,你也将成为其他人眼中的灵感缪思。更好的消息还在后面:凡购买Marc Jacobs产品,都可以免费获赠此款精美记事本(1月28日至2月2日除外)。

About Marc Jacobs:

The youngest designer to win the CFDA Perry Ellis Award for New Fashion Talent, Marc Jacobs has been at the top of the fashion stratosphere almost from the time the first look came down the runway in 1986. He’s been credited with stylizing the so-called grunge aesthetic and has also turned out flawlessly ladylike suits and dresses. His design range is as impressive as his ability to influence trends. 212 872 2548

关于Marc Jacobs:

Marc Jacobs是美国时装设计师协会大奖(CFDA Perry Ellis)历史上最年轻的获奖设计师。Marc Jacobs自从他1986年的第一次伸展台展示开始就一直是时装设计界的宠儿以及领军人物。他开创了流行全世界的摇滚青年慵懒风格以及倍受欢迎的女性化西装设计和裙装设计。他设计的多样化可谓惊人,他引领全球流行的影响力同样让人惊叹。


Have you heard the news?



Bergdorf Goodman store now accepts China Union Pay

Bergdorf Goodman现在全面接受中国银联卡消费


Bergdorf Goodman now officially accepts all credit/debit cards under China Union Pay. For more information, please email for help from a Mandarin-speaking personal shopper.

Bergdorf Goodman现在全面接受所有银联银行卡的消费。欲了解更多信息或需要中文服务,请发送电子邮件至



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