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Wes Gordon, a Fall 2012 Preview

2 11 2012

Wes Gordon Fall 2012 Inspiration

inspiration for Wes’ Fall 2012 Collection

In just an hour Georgia-born designer Wes Gordon will present his Fall Collection to the world.  Luckily for us, we sat down with the talented charmer for a quick little pre-show, rapid-fire Q&A.

5th/58th: Moment you wanted to be a designer.
Wes: From the moment that I realized people actually do this for a living!  I have the most fun job in the world.

5th/58th: Favorite film for style inspiration, of past & present.
Wes: Contempt (Le Mepris)

5th/58th: What color should every woman have for this Spring?
Wes: For the Spring Collection (now available in-store & online), we used a gorgeous red-orange color that we called cadmium red, and I have yet to see someone who doesn’t look amazing in it!!! I especially love the printed silk jumpsuit in this color. And yes! You have it.

5th/58th: If there’s one word to embody your Spring 2012 Collection, what would it be? And for Fall 2012?
Wes: For Spring, fresh; for Fall, grand.

Wes Gordon Fall 2012 Inspiration

more inspiration for Wes’ Fall 2012 Collection

5th/58th: Has the warm winter weather influenced your Fall 2012 Collection?
Wes: This weather really demonstrates the importance of layering. For Fall, we tried to create outfits that can transform throughout the day – chunky knits over lightweight knits, blazers thrown nonchalantly over silk blouses. You really have to be prepared for any occasion AND any weather.

5th/58th: What’s the first thing you want to do when your Fall 2012 presentation is over?
Wes: I’ve been threatening to get a puppy for a long time and this might finally be the time to take the plunge. (note: Wes also makes exceptional clothes for dogs, as modeled by the third floor’s Coco)

5th/58th: If you could close your eyes and be anywhere in the world, where would you be?
Wes: Exactly where I am.

5th/58th:  So what’s your favorite part about New York?
Wes: The energy! This City really is alive  24-7, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

5th/58th: Is there anything you miss about the South?
Wes: The weather… and southern cooking!

5th/58th: And finally, most important, pizza or bagels?
Wes:  Pizza. Definitely.

Wes Gordon Reversible Silk Tank & Long Striped Skirt

View the Spring Collection
Fourth Floor
212 872 2670

Wes answers our 5 Questions

Stay tuned for a review of Wes’ Fall 2012 Collection

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