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Walter Steiger’s Heels Are a Walk in the Park

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Believe it or not, there’s a mathematical reason Walter Steiger’s vertiginous heels are easy to navigate.

It all has to do with angles and pitch.  While most heels thrust one’s arch forward, Steiger’s signature claw heel lends a soft-sloping shank, making a pair of 7.5″ platforms feel on par with your favorite wedge.  Steiger designed this innovative silhouette in the early 70s for Karl Lagerfeld’s Chloe runway show because he wanted to “mimic the natural foot line by reproducing its simple shape.”

Look at the illustration in the slide show, the black lines represent a standard shoe silhouette while the red lines represent Steiger’s adjustments.  While somewhat subtle, the pitch variation is just enough to embrace your arch rather than push it forth and shift all of your weight to the sole.  The result? Comfortable pumps that will spark any conversation.

Walter Steiger’s shoe collection is available in the Second Floor Shoe Salon or shop Walter Steiger on
212 872 8947