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To My Valentine

To My Wife writer John Jannuzzi shares his tips for the perfect Valentine's gift

2 11 2011

To My Wife

Lately we’ve been smitten with John Jannuzzi’s To My Wife
His daily promises to his future wife keep us clicking back to see what he has to say to the woman he has yet to meet.

Scroll down to see what he one day hopes to give his future Valentine
as well as what he would like to receive from her.

To My Wife

To my Wife (things I’ll give):

Giles & Brother Railroad Tie Bracelet, $90 212 872 2843

Giles & Brother Railroad Tie Bracelet: Engraved or not, this is a great gift for a relationship that’s maybe just beginning. Not a diamond, but enough to say, “I’m kind of maybe interested in seeing where this goes…”
5F, 212 872 2843

Proenza Schouler, 212 872 2577

Proenza Schouler small cross-body bag: I’ve never come across a woman who didn’t love the PS1 and I can imagine this would make the perfect gift for just about anybody.
Main Floor, 212 872 2519

Le pegase d'Hermes, 212 872 8869

Hermès Scarf: The scarf she may never buy herself, but always admires from a far.
Main Floor, 212 872 8869

Leather-bound Dictionary, 212 872 2570



Leather-bound dictionary: For the bookworm or wordsmith woman, for the extra sentimental bookmark the “Love” entry.
Seventh Floor, 212 872 2570

Charbonnel et Walker Chocolates in Heart-Shaped Box, 212 872 2758

Charbonnel et Walker Chocolates in Heart-Shaped Box: The universal answer to Valentine’s Day, can’t go wrong.
Seventh Floor, 212 872 2758

To My Wife

To my Wife (what I’d like):

Junya Watanabe Jacket, $1120 212 872 3311



Junya Watanabe Jacket: I hate to give and receive gifts that can’t be used. A lightweight green jacket like this would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. A reminder that spring is around the corner, it would get plenty of use.
Men’s Third Floor, 212 339 3340

Michael Bastian Blue Shirt, $480 212 872 3289





Michael Bastian Blue Shirt: Some women have a thing about men’s shirts. Men have things about men’s shirts too and this is the perfect one, from fit to color…no matter who wears it.
Men’s Third Floor, 212 339 3340

Dries Van Noten Scarf, 212 872 3311

Dries Van Noten Scarf: You can’t go wrong with a scarf. Every man should have one. It’s a little bold to go with a high contrast windowpane but it’ll certainly go far.
Men’s Third Floor, 212 339 3340

Hermes Tie, 212 872 3307

Hermès Tie: The tie I’d never buy for myself, but always admire from a distance.
Men’s First Floor, 212 339 3290

Hugo Guinness Illustration, 212 872 2570

Hugo Guinness Illustration: Something to hang in the office or study. A cheeky reminder that somewhere outside the office is somebody who cared enough to buy me an engraving of a very scared dog.
Seventh Floor, 212 872 2866

Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Scarf image courtesy Hermes
PS1 image courtesy Proenza Schouler