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Valentine’s Day Beauty

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Let’s be honest — Valentine’s Day is all about the girls. It’s our time to shine! We get to primp and prance, while the poor guy sweats out the really important tasks like arranging dinner (many weeks in advance if he’s a thinking man) and selecting the ideal gift. But for us girls, is all about setting the mood. Follow our five steps for an effortless look that’s sure to hold his attention!


Light up your face (and his life) with Bobbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder (212 872 2681). The delicate, all-over face powder illuminates in an instant and gives skin a radiant veil of glow.


For the sweetest cherub cheeks he’s ever seen, try Dior Rosy Glow Blush (212 872 8980). This self-adjusting cheek color has a mind of its own – literally! The super smart formula adjusts to your skin’s unique chemistry, revealing a flattering flush that exudes amour.


Go chic with Chantecaille Save the Sharks Palette (212 872 2725). The deep navy and cool tone pairing, is a subtle departure from traditional pitch black liner and dramatically smoky lids. Freshen the look and open the eyes with a wash of soft pink, sheer gold, or silver to the lid. For Valentines Day, make your eyes the focal point. . .we’re certain that’s where your guy’s gaze will lead.


Let’s face it — kissing is going to happen. With that said: Step One – Try our DIY Lip Scrub to prep your pucker. Step Two – Keep your kisser, well, kissable and approachable with a slight slick of sheen. The goal is to enhance, without overdoing it. For touchable sheen, try Aerin Beauty Lip Gloss in Poppy (212 872 2777). It’s sheer pink perfection without appearing too dolled up.


The name says it all. Le Metier de Beaute Nail Lacquer in Hot n’ Saucy (212 872 8612) is the perfect choice for your Valentine’s Day mani. The devilishly decadent, shade of deep cocoa is infused with vibrant red undertones. We’re not usually the matchy-matchy sort, but we adore this shade for finger tips and toes!