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Thoughts on Backpacks (& how to carry them)

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This morning while riding on yet another packed-to-the-gills Q train, I found myself stuck between a rock and a hard place, fashionably speaking.  I was barricaded by backpacks.  There, just a few feet away, was a precious opening of human bodies that was all too inaccessible due to a wall of backpacks.  I was trapped by this season’s it accessory.  As backpacks are becoming more and more en vogue, we must be aware that more and more New Yorkers will carry this practical carry-all during their commute.

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So here are a few helpful tips on how to be mindful of others while testing out the trend:

1) Don’t overload it
Just like your top-handle, don’t overload your backpack.  Not only do you increase the chance of major spine issues, your bag’s straps are not equipped to handle too much weight.

2) Keep the straps tight
Most of our backpacks feature adjustable straps.  So buckle and adjust your straps so that your bag isn’t too low or high.  Not only will this evenly distribute weight, your bag will look better, too.

3) Be mindful of others
Final (and most important) — remove your backpack when in crowded places.  Your backpack isn’t an extension of your body; so, when in crowded place (like, say, the subway), remove your backpack and hold it by its top-handle or hug it closely like a beloved doll.

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