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The Right Stuff

Beauty Tools

12 28 2011

Get the most out of your high performance products by implementing these tools of the trade:

Shiseido Cleansing Massage Brush 212 872 2541

Gently massage skin and deep clean with this soft-bristled face brush. Perfectly suited for sensitive skin types, the cushiony cleansing brush enhances the benefits of foaming cleansers.

Le Metier de Beaute Eye Lash Curler 212 872 8612

Say squeeze! Don’t dare coat lashes without first giving a good squeeze — of the eye lash curler, that is. A slow and steady squeeze of the clamp is all it takes to give lashes enhanced lift, volume, and mega length. The sky’s the limit!

Bobbi Brown Empties Set 212 872 2681

Protect your precious cargo while travelling — Fill these TSA friendly bottles & jars with your favorite skin care goodies. Contains: jars, bottles, funnel, spatula and labels.

Trish McEvoy Makeup Brush Cleanser 212 872 2778

Every Sunday we religiously clean our makeup brushes. This keeps complexion clear (bye-bye acne causing bacteria) and brushes in tip top shape. And here’s a little brush preservation tip for you: After cleaning, never lay brushes flat to dry, as this will ruin the shape of the hairs. Instead, lay the brush down, with the brush head hanging over the edge of say, your dresser or a coffee table. Remember this and your brushes will last forever and a day.



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