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The Get List: Manolo Blahnik

Get List: Manolo Blahnik

Welcome to the Get List — where we help decipher what to get the Fashion Flock this holiday season.

Today’s feature? The ultimate and supreme shoe designer Manolo Blahnik.  Not only has this sugar-lover perfected the BB, he’s fashioned the handsomest driving shoe for your number-one man.  So what to get this multi-tasking shoe designer?  It must be sweet and it must have personality. 

1.        Favorite New York holiday tradition: Ice skating at Rockefeller Center and I wish I could go still to the Rumpelmeyer’s soda fountain in Central Park. 

It’s no secret that Manolo loves sugar (he even admitted to it during our 5 Questions); and we cannot dismiss his charming, childlike wonder—so let’s warm up Manolo’s heart with a good dose of sugar, Fouquet to be exact. 212 872 2758

2.        Favorite Winter Accessory: my winter hats. I have a very big collection. Especially my Moroccan FEZ hat.

Judging from his shoes and socks collection, we only can imagine the hats Manolo has stored in his closets… but we can’t resist adding to this Pologeorgis trapper to his assembly.  Made in Denmark, this trapper will keep our Canary Island-native cozy warm during London’s foggiest, chilliest months.  212 339 3311

3.        Best Gift ever received: Through the years I received a lot of great books, films. I am always happy with old films, silent films or first editions of my favorite books. And my grandfather’s crest ring was a very precious gift I received, but sadly I lost it. It was so beautiful.

We never can replace lost heirlooms of the past but we can add to collections Manolo holds dear.  Our first-edition books on the Seventh Floor include a variety of titles and authors that will appeal Mr Blahnik.  212 872 2570

4.        Ultimate Holiday movie: Soo many! This Christmas I will definitely be watching again Il Bel Antonio and Sedotta e Abbandonata …

Seduction and romance seems to be the theme of Manolo’s holiday movie spree, and what speaks to that more than L’Objet’s golden serpents?  This desk set will add a dash of mystery to Manolo’s letter writing. 212 872 8868

5.        Favorite New York restaurant: La Grenouille

A classic French lady for a classic French restaurant.  Cire Trudon’s waxed Marie Antoinette is the perfect complement to a slice of cake.  212 872 8841