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The Get List: Betty Halbreich

The Get List: Betty Halbreich

Welcome to the Get List — where we help decipher what to get the Fashion Flock this holiday season.

Today’s feature? Bergdorf Goodman’s very own, very witty personal shopper Betty Halbreich.  So what to get our beloved expert of style and opinions?  We can only hope that we got it right… 

1. New York Holiday Tradition: Taking to my bed! (with freshly-starched linens)

Oh Betty… dare we admit that’s ours, too?  Nothing is more indulgent than diving into crisp D. Porthault sheets (212 872 8998) while a divinely-accessorized Benedict Cumberbatch marches across the screen.  But how to further this cozy night in?  Caviar.  And did you know? Bergdorf Goodman now carries the most luxe sustainably farm-raised White Sturgeon caviar in the US of A.  It’s called Pointy Snout.  Now that’s something to curl up with. 212 872 8960

2. Favorite New York Restaurant: Estela on Houston Street. It’s good.

Now hold your hat: Betty arrived here in 1947 which makes this Chicago native a bonafide New Yorker.  If you haven’t visited Estela, it’s a cozy nook of a restaurant specializing in over-the-top delicious cocktails and pitch-perfect ambiance that makes one think This is exactly my New York, which is precisely what photographer Jean-Michel Berts said in his coffee table book The Light of New York.  212 872 2570

3. Ultimate holiday movie: Last Vegas … or any film starring Benedict Cumberbatch. 

Nothing says carpe diem like four sixty-somethings reliving their glory days during one final bachelor bonanza, and Betty surely is one to seize the day.  Knowing how her office is full of stories and tokens and memories, anonymously send her this John Derian paperweight.  She’ll dig it.  212 872 8719

4. Must-Have winter accessory: A flask that fits in my lunch bag. 

Betty’s no teetotaler, that’s for sure.  So why not a Kelly Wearstler hand to cradle that flask when Betty’s not working?  It’s the perfect complement to those curious fingers anonymously mailed to her once upon a time.  212 872 8828

5. Best gift ever received: Diamonds are girl’s best friend…. 

Aside from a smart Libertine cardigan, we know Betty has a weakness for smart statement jewelry.  While pins are her standard go-to, we’d like to see this ultra-chic yet ultra-minimalist David Webb cuff hugging her wrist.  212 872 8816

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