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Sulwhasoo Skincare for Men

We put it to the test

A skincare neophyte, Ben (our intern), shares his thoughts on a unique anti-aging collection that's just for men.

11 22 2011

Sulwhasoo Men's

To be completely honest, before using Sulwhasoo I had no regular skincare “pattern,” if you will. I’ve always wanted to find something adequate, results-driven, yet simple to use, but I’ve never had much luck. The very thought of where to begin is quite daunting….where to look, what to look for, what’s right for my skin type, etc.  So, I was ecstatic when our Beauty Editor asked me to review Sulwhasoo’s new line for men.

Sulwhasoo, started in 1967, is a Korean brand that focuses mainly on herbal medicines and the use of natural products. Chinese skullcap, Japanese red pine and Ginger extract, the main ingredients in the men’s range, are used to help refine, smooth and re-energize skin.

As soon as Essential Skin Refiner and Moisturizing Fluid arrived in our office, our very own beauty expert Felicia Walker Benson gave me an intense “this is how it’s done”. That night, with instructions in head and product in hand, I went home and began my trial.

Step 1: The Essential Skin Refiner absorbs quickly and effectively soothes skin after shaving.

Sulwhasoo Essential Refiner 212 872 8726

Step 2: The Moisturizing Fluid, energized with ginger extract, delivers an abundance of hydration to skin, leaving it smooth and well nourished.

Of the two step routine, the moisturizer is my favorite. Every morning and night it leaves my skin feeling super soft, prepared and refined. It has a way of making me feel better about my skin…like I’m equipped to take on the day. And at night, the Moisturizing Fluid relaxes my skin and helps me unwind.

Sulwhasoo Moisturizing Fluid 212 872 8726

What I like most about Sulwhasoo is that the products don’t feel heavy, which is a departure from the trial and error (read: failures) of skincare I have previously tried.

After about a week of using Sulwhasoo my skin become slightly irritated in various areas around my forehead and chin. In speaking with our Beauty Editor as to why this might happen, she said skin can sometimes go through a purge process when starting a new skincare pattern…kind of like a “getting to know you” process.

Now that the “getting to know you” phase has ended, I’ve been using Sulwhasoo for about three and a half weeks, and my skin feels improved. When applying the products, my face feels fresh and healthy. I will continue using the Refiner and Moisturizer until I reach the end of the bottles….and will definitely report back with a follow up if I notice significant changes or new developments.

Overall, I’m very grateful that I have finally broken out (no pun intended) of my “no-skincare-routine” routine.

- Ben Rosenthal

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