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7 1 2010

the ultimate harmony between opposite energies

Sulwhasoo Ginseng Cream $220 212 872 8726

Who knew?  Outer radiance depends on inner harmony.


According to Korean Herbal Medicine, our bodies experience internal changes every seven years – and with these changes come dullness, skin-thinning, and loss of elasticity and firmness.

Traditionally, this ebbing begins during our 35th year; however, life today is far more hectic.  Of course we know that the environment affects our complexion – stress happens, life happens, living in New York happens… yet it isn’t quite as obvious that these day-to-day inconveniences exacerbate an energy change in our bodies which, in turn, influence the balance of energies vital to clear skin.

This is where Sulwhasoo comes in.
Unlike any skincare treatment we’ve ever seen, Sulwhasoo is entirely herbal.  Basing their skincare treatments on the ancient Donguibogam, Sulwhasoo heals by using what naturally exists – ginseng, pine, peony, lotus etc.  In combining an understanding of Sang-Seng with ancient Korean Herbal Medicine, skincare product is created upon how it naturally balances.

Image provided by Geneva Foundation for Medical Education & Research

Most important, however, is Sulwhasoo’s use of the rare Korean Ginseng Berry.  Recognized for its healing & detoxifying powers, Ginseng leaf tea traditionally once was drunk to prevent freckles, blemishes and wrinkles.  Noble women in the Joseon Dynasty detoxified, brightened & clarified their bodies in a ginseng bath before a wedding.

In its most popular product, Concentrated Ginseng Cream, ginseng is used in various stages of growth to minimize lines and wrinkles while improving skin’s elasticity, volume and firmness, and ability to recover from the aging process (like sun damage). Ginseng also stimulates the skin’s metabolism which creates that difficult-to-attain radiance – the natural glow that doesn’t look greasy.

In using time-honored traditions, Sulwhasoo created the Jaeumdan complex to be full of nutrient-rich medicinal herbs that balance your skin so that it functions more effectively on its own.  Users have noted seeing fast results, that their complexion is more radiant and bright than before, and that this natural glow isn’t slick or greasy.

Wildly popular in Korea, Sulwhasoo now is available in the United States – exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman!  Scroll down to see pictures of the boutique and learn more about their skincare collection.

To order or schedule an appointment, call 212 872 8726

Sulwhasoo Boutique 212 872 8726

Sulwhasoo - Concentrated Ginseng Cream, $220 212 872 8726 Sulwhasoo Boutique - 212 872 8726 Sulwhasoo - First Care Serum, $80 212 872 8726
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About the Products:
Herbal Soap – Aged in a 40-day curing process, this premium handmade soap is formulated with six-year-old red ginseng and Korean traditional medicine ingredients for a rich, revitalizing foamy lather. $40








Deep Cleansing Oil – This liquid cleansing oil helps promote clarity by effectively removing impurities as White Birch promotes the skin’s natural circulation to restore a healthy glow. $36

Liquid Cleansing Foam – Prunus Mume Fruit Extract hydrates as Dokudami soothes in this non-stripping cleanser, leaving skin soft, hydrated and radiantly clean. $36

First Care Serum – This essential regimen-boosting serum assures optimal skincare results by amplifying the effects of the treatments that follow, promoting balance and replenishing essential moisture via membranous Milkvetch, Licorice and Dwarf Lilyturf. $80

Balancing Water – Purslane hydrates and Matrimony Vine soothes and calms while promoting deep hydration in this skin moisturizing gel-textured toner. $55

Balancing Emulsion – Mountain Peony softens skin texture as Yai Jiu Hua improves skin clarity in this skin-smoothing, moisture-rich emulsion. $60

Rejuvenating Eye Cream – This age-defying eye cream revitalizes delicate skin around the eyes and reduces lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness with six-year-old Korean Red Ginseng Saponin, Yai Jiu Hua and Honey. $109

Firming Cream – This firming and lifting cream restores skin’s natural healthy resilience with detoxifying Adlay Millet and restorative, contouring Pomegranate and Ginkgo Biloba. $90

Revitalizing Serum – This skin resurfacing solution refines the skin and improves density via antioxidant-rich Machilus Tree. $120

Concentrated Ginseng Cream – This revitalizing cream delivers nutrient-rich Ginseng to the deepest layers of the skin to revive damaged, youth-depleted skin from within. $220

Skin Clarifying Mask – This gentle yet effective peel-off mask restores skin’s natural clarity with Small Solomon’s Seal Powder, Honey, and Honeysuckle to replenish nourishment, remove impurities and promote clearer, smoother, brighter skin. $39


Overnight Vitalizing Treatment – This overnight mask awakens skin’s natural glow with nourishing moisture and herbal extracts like brightening Acutelobed Angelica and Pomegranate as well as restorative Walnut and White Mulberry. $50

To order or schedule an appointment, call 212 872 8726

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