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Spring Highlight: Technicolor Jewelry

4 11 2012

Eddie Borgo, Kara by Kara Ross, Chan Liu, Same Sky & DanniJo 212 872 8901Grace layers Kara by Kara Ross with Eddie Borgo, DanniJo and Same Sky
212 872 8901

If there’s one thing we’ve noticed this spring it’s that colors are getting, well, brighter.  Accessories and ready-to-wear are a vibrant palette of shocking pink, bold yellow and a spectrum of Day-Glo brights reminiscent of a Keith Sonnier installation.

The easiest way to adopt this light-bright game is through your accessories (jewelry, bags and shoes always are a trend’s gateway, no?), and with the intensely fun pieces lately seen on 5F (think DanniJo, Eddie BorgoJoomi Lim, Kelly Wearstler and Kara by Kara Ross), there’s a little something for everybody.

Joomi Lim + Dannijo, 212 872 8901

Grace layers a Joomi Lim Tribe Festival Fringe & Crystal Necklace  & DanniJo Galapagos II bib
212 872 8901
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Use the iconic Iris Apfel as your muse and try a jumbled mash-up on your wrist or a generous layering on your neckline.  In this sitch, more is merrier — so don’t be afraid to layer a neon fringed Joomi Lim number beneath DanniJo’s Galapagos Bib (or, as Danielle is wont to say, put a bib on it!).  Take it to the next step by playing with prints mixology: match your jewelry to the slightest splash of color within the print (Iris did it splendidly during her boutique visit with Dries Van Noten).

Joomi Lim + DanniJo & Eddie Borgo, 212 872 8901

Aisha pairs Joomi Lim’s Tribe Festival with DanniJo Alina & Eddie Borgo ring
212 872 8901
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If you are feeling a bit more hesitant, try a bit of color wheel colorblocking: pair a solid-colored dress with a coordinating jewelry in complementing colors like Anis does in our March Magazine.  Don’t fear color: have fun with it — the more confident you feel in a new look, the more naturally it will become a part of you.  Also: jewelry mash-ups work best when you mix in old family heirlooms like ID bracelets, vintage costume jewelry and such (we’re keen for jewels that tell a story).  Mix texture and shape, weight and color. As Linda said in her Notes from the Runway, if you can’t decide which amazing color you like best, wear them all in blocks and stacks, all within one delirious outfit.

Kara by Kara Ross, Eddie Borgo, DanniJo, Same Sky & Kelly Wearstler 212 872 8901

Lauren P stacks Kara by Kara Ross, Eddie Borgo cones, Chan Luu five-wrap bracelet, DanniJo Maui crystal bracelet and Kelly Wearstler ring
212 872 8901

Like Lauren’s printed look?

Try this black & white PIERRE BALMAIN mix-mastery

Kelly Wearstler Turquoise Necklace, 212 872 8901

Kelly Wearstler Turquoise Necklace
212 872 8901

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Lindsay Vallan & DanniJo necklaces, Kara by Kara Ross bracelets, 212 872 8901

Lauren M layers Lindsay Vallan pendants with DanniJo’s Alina and stacks of Kara by Kara Ross cuffs
212 872 8901
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Joomi Lim Fringe Necklace, 212 872 8901

Joomi Lim Tribe Festival Fringe Necklace
212 872 8901

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Kara by Kara Ross, Chan Luu 5-Wrap, 212 872 8901

Casey mixes up Kara by Kara Ross and Chan Luu’s 5-Wrap Bracelet
212 872 8901 

Like Casey’s nail lacquer?

Try the Le Metier de Beaute’s Resort Collection

Lindsay Vallan Necklaces, 212 872 8901

Lindsay Vallan Pendant Necklaces
212 872 8901

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Kara by Kara Ross & Same Sky, 212 872 8901

Lauren M goes deco with Kara by Kara Ross and a beaded wrapping of her own
212 872 8901

Lulu Frost Necklace, 212 872 8901

Lulu Frost Tribal Necklace
212 872 8901

Complete the Look:

Rag & Bone Bailey Jacket, 212 872 2843 Madison Marcus Yellow Maxi Dress, 212 872 2843 Hudson Jeans, 212 872 2887

Rag & Bone Bailey Jacket, 212 872 2843
Madison Marcus Yellow Colorblock Maxi Dress, 212 872 2843
Hudson Printed Jeans, 212 872 2887

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Gryphon, 212 872 2843 B Brian Atwood, 212 872 8941 Madison Marcus, 212 872 2843 Marc by Marc Jacobs, 212 872 2666 Rag & Bone, 212 872 2843 Marc by Marc Jacobs, 212 872 2666 Diane von Furstenberg, 212 872 2897 Alice + Olivia, 212 872 2887 Get more details on how to be in our latest BG Film! Image Map