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Shoe Obsessions: Prada Runway

4 26 2012

Prada, 212 872 8947

As you well know, we’re seriously obsessed with shoes (we’ve even created a map to track our well-heeled obsessions).  This week we are thrilled to introduce you to 5th/58th’s latest blog series, Shoe Obsessions.  Each week our shoe-obsessed to the point of giddy assistant buyer, Rachel, will fill you in on the hottest styles and trends to hit our Shoe Salons.

First up?  Prada. 

What better way to begin my first guest blog post than with Miuccia Prada’s nostalgic Spring 12 Runway Collection!

Bright, fun, and colorful are all things we expect from any great spring shoe collection, but these featured something we did not expect: flames and taillights. From the moment we laid eyes on these 1950′s inspired shoes, we knew they were going to be big. Honestly, who doesn’t want a hot rod on their feet? These innovative sandals may not make you walk faster but they will go down in fashion history as some of the most clever heels to ever grace the runway.

Prada S/S12

This collection boasts a little something for everyone including pumps, sandals, mules and flat slip-ons to full-on flame wedges. With manageable heel heights ranging from 85mm – 115mm these shoes are very walk-able (yes, we tried them ourselves!). Dress them up or dress them down; simply put: they ooze creativity.  And they’re so bold that we’re pretty confident that they will initiate more than a conversations… no matter where you wear them.  And while this may be getting a bit too shoe-geeky for you, I must confess: the quality on a pair of Prada shoes is transcendent — every little detail on these bad boys is key. Adorned with flames, rosettes, jewels and taillights (sadly, they do not light up), these are a most unexpected but welcome addition to any shoe-obsessor’s collection.

And, for those of you who have trouble imagining how shoes as wild as Miuccia Prada’s would look beyond Fashion Week’s colorful parade, I asked a few of my cube-mates to test them out in BG’s neighborhood.  Naturally we got a little carried away.

Claire: Prada Jewel-Tone Taillight Wedge Sandal, 212 872 8947

Crossing Park Avenue in the Jewel-Toe Taillight Wedge Sandal
212 872 8947

Erica: Jewel-Toe Flame Sandal, 212 872 8947

Catching up on the Wall Street Journal and getting her Jewel-Toe Flame Sandals polished at Jim’s
212 872 8947

Lauren: Flame Mule Slide Sandal, 212 872 8947

Introducing new flames, otherwise known as her Flame Mule Slide Sandal, to the FDNY
(serious kismet: they were just parked on 59th street!)
212 872 8947

Nicolle: Blue Flame Wedge Sandal, 212 872 8947

Catching an afternoon snack in her Blue Flame Wedges
212 872 8947

Felicia: Smoking Lips Sandal in Silver, 212 872 8947

Taking a Central Park Beauty Break with Bullett and her Smoking Lips Sandals
212 872 8947

Want to see the shoes up-close?
Catch them on our tumblr, The Swipe!

Michaela: Rose Toe Flame Sandal, 212 872 8947

Picking up Macaron Cafe Sweets in her Rose Toe Flames
212 872 8947
psst! I hear Hanson in finance shared a mean macaron recipe this week

Lauren T: Smoking Lips Sandal in White, 212 872 8947

Lauren T:
Catching a pedi-cab ride with WWD and her white Smoking Lips
212 872 8947

Want to see the shoes up-close?
Catch them on our tumblr, The Swipe!

Shop the Prada Spring Runway Collection, 212 872 8947

View the Spring/Summer 2012 Runway Collection
Second Floor
212 872 8947


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RachelRachel is an assistant buyer for our Second Floor Shoe Salon.  First joining us as an intern, this Mid-West girl discovered her shoe obsessions as a wee one admiring a pair of Victorian booties that inevitably inspired massive pangs of envy.  From then on, she was hooked — from spinning about as a child in crystal-flecked Converse to discovering Fashion City’s sample sales just after college. In fact, Rachel has been known to spend her entire Saturday in our Shoe Salon, searching for her next pair.  You can follow more of Rachel’s shoe adventures on Instagram.