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Shoe Obsessed: A Short Girl’s Quest for Height

7 5 2012

Charlotte Olympia, 212 872 8947

I’ve never been one to shy from a good heel.  Sure the feminist in me will at times angrily whisper sweet nothings about how heels are an invention of the male agenda but here’s the whole truth and nothing but the truth: my choice to wear heels is for me and only me.  And if Louis XIV could shine the light on France while wearing custom 100mm kicks, what’s stopping a Brooklyn girl from enjoying an elevated perspective?  Sometimes you need to kick it up a notch.  And that’s absolutely, 100% ok.

When it comes to heels, there’s a panoply of options.  You’ve got your usual suspects ranging from the coy kitten heel to sultry stiletto… but rarely do you find a pair that will sky rocket you to entirely new heights.  Enter Charlotte Olympia… she exists in her own vertiginous universe.  With wedge platforms standing as tall as 6.5″, Charlotte Olympia shoes truly live up to the designer’s catchy motto, The higher the heel, the better you feel! And so during a recent moment of Sale weakness, I decided that it was time to put her raffia wedges (below) to the test.

Charlotte Olympia Raffia Wedges. Photo by Kristen Joy Watts

Photo credit: Kristen Watts

Here’s what you need to know: they’re 6.5″ tall and they’re surprisingly easy to walk in.  Another thing: they will call upon the peanut gallery.  So I imagine at this moment you’re wondering 6.5″ heels? Easy to walk in? How?  The secret’s in the rocking-chair sole.  Look at the above platforms.  See how the sole tips up just at the toe?  It makes walking in what appears to be unwieldy platforms quite breezy.  And, because they’re a platform wedge, the pitch only is 3.5″ (yes, I measured it).  In fact, I travelled from Brooklyn to our corner on Fifth Avenue and 58th Street quite easily this morning.  I even danced in them the other night.  Yes, that’s right: danced.

Truthfully, the biggest adjustment is overcoming giddy cases of acute acrophobia.  At long last you’re standing higher than you’ve ever stood before and suddenly you’re keenly aware of how fall you may plunge.  Hugging is another peculiar but moderately thrilling adjustment.  For the first time ever, you may bend at the waist when hugging a friend of once-equal height.  It’s a funny realization for a short girl.  The second issue to take note is that of the sole and surface area.  Tread carefully when crossing uneven ground or else you may fight an embarrassing case of the wobbles.  Other than that, you’re golden.


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212 872 8947

About Charlotte Olympia:
Charlotte Olympia Dellal channels the glamour of the 1940s for her Charlotte Olympia collection of shoes. The London-based designer, who spent time at Ungaro and Giambattista Valli, introduced her own line in 2007. Her arresting use of animal prints, retro silhouettes, and attention to detail (each shoe is handcrafted in Italy) have made Charlotte Olympia shoes favorites of fashion designers and international celebrities.