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Seventh Floor Selects: April

4 5 2012

Dec Home girls

You really must visit our Seventh Floor. It’s such a fascinating curiosity shop.

From vintage books and tabletop to shagreen iPhone cases and Little BG, we feel like this floor deserves a bit of an exploration.  That’s why we’ve invited our Seventh Floor Girls to share their favorite pieces each month.

Et Al Designs & Galant Silver Candlesticks, 212 872 8787

Et Al Designs Cast Candles and Galant Silver Candlesticks

I would  light these Et Al wax candles down the center of my dinner table on top of a beautiful runner for a real wow factor.  My guests never would expect that these are made completely from wax!  I also like mixing in Galant’s Silver Candlesticks for a festive summer addition — perfect as a decorative accessory or used to dress a table. — Jane
Et Al Designs Cast Candles, 212 872 8841
Galant Silver Candlesticks, 212 872 8787

 ASwoon Wall Art, 212 872 8872

ASWOON/Susan Woods Wall Art

These are seriously cool: each piece is made from recycled upholstery metal.  They take approximately 4-6 months to create but they’re each unique to themselves and are made right here in Brooklyn, NY.  — Jen
212 872 8872

Lance Leather Woven Pillows, 212 872 8872

Lance Woven’s Leather Pillows

I am obsessed with Lance Woven’s hand woven pillows from Italy. They become even more lush with age and use so don’t be afraid to rough them up a bit! — Jen
212 872 8872

Mrs John L Strong Stationery, 212 872 8872

Mrs. John L. Strong Stationery

Despite technology, the art hand-written note is not dead! I love that you can mix and match your favorite gold motif with your favorite envelope color for a classic set of custom stationery — Jane
212 872 8872

Dransfield and Ross, Deborah Rhodes & Julian Mejia Tabletop, 212 872 2527

Dransfield & Ross, Reborah Rhodes & Julian Mejia Tabletop

Easiest way to rejuvenate your dinnerware?  Great hand-painted burlap runner, easy to care for pre-washed linen napkins, and a fun coral napkin ring. Don’t be scared of a napkin ring, it’s jewelry for the table! Also, how perfect is this for the Hamptons?  — Jane
212 872 2527

Coconut Bowls, 212 872 8872

Coconut Bowls

I fell in love with these immediately – how fun! And, for $38 they are the perfect hostess gift for summer.  — Jen
212 872 8872

Leo Cachepot, 212 872 8872

“Leo” Cachepot

Adore this collaboration between Pierre Frey and French ceramist Vincent Buffile, especially the cachepot which is a bold and fresh way to add pattern (and greenery) to your home.  — Jen
212 872 8872

Peheun Merino Wool Clouds Throw, 212 872 8872

PEHUEN Merino Wool Clouds Throw

This is one of my favorite pieces this season.  It is such a refreshing, fun way to liven up your couch or bed.  It’s super soft wool from Argentina, check ou those tails! — Jane
212 872 8872

Bellocq BG Tea, 212 872 2758

Bellocq Bergdorf Goodman Blend Tea

With a touch of lavender (of course) I can’t get enough of this delicious green tea blend — Jen
212 872 2758

Come back in May to see our next Seventh Floor Selects!