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Safe Sun Stories: Parting Tips

Advice from our Twitter Friends

5 31 2012

Joie Swim, 212 872 2843

We close out Melanoma Awareness Month with a little help from our friends — a few of our favorite fashion & beauty Twitter BFF’s share their best tips for saving face & staying safe. . . in 140 characters or less, naturally. Here’s what our social butterfly pals had to tweet, er…say. Listen up & have a safe summer!

Remember, smart sun protection is always in style!

Parting Tips


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Hands often get neglected in sun protection. Always use a hand cream with SPF. - @JuliaConeyAt the beach, it's important to apply sunscreen in between your toes. Melanoma can form there too! - @SabatiniOnStyle Lip Gloss attracts the sun, so during the daytime, make sure to use one with an SPF in it.  - @BeautyNewsNYC Don't be afraid to go overboard w SPF. I use a quarter-sized dollop every AM—the excess is slathered on my neck/backs of hands/shoulders. - @EvaChen212 If you're a little thin on top (um, like I am) it's critical to protect your head. Gents, a cool fedora will do! - @Nest_Fragrances Wear SPF 30+ broad-spectrum sunscreen, sunglasses w/ UV protection & eat antioxidants-rich foods to help repair sun damage. - @PrettyConnected I make sure to squirrel away SPF everywhere: gym bag, purse, car and by my front door. That way reapplying is handy and easy to do. - @bellebellebeau Find a face sunscreen you love & use often, year-round. This will be the best lesson u learn to beat wrinkles, skin cancer & sun spots.
- @Rachel_Adler Summer is all about glowing, healthy skin. Drink tons of h20! Indulge often w/ lux at-home facials. & always moisturize with SPF for day! - Lola Bajamo of @glamoland I keep it simple by using a daily moisturizer with broad spectrum SPF. No extra steps needed & my entire face is covered! -
@carolyn_hsu Do you squint even when you're wearing sunglasses? If yes, go darker. You'll save your eyes & prevent early forehead wrinkled - @Bridalease
Make daily SPF your beauty non-negotiable. It keeps skin even toned, less prone to wrinkles, & protected against cancer causing UV rays. - @ThisThatBeauty
I love the colorful parasol that I bought in Chinatown. It isn't just a retro summer accessory: it gives me portable shade! - @lipstickrose
You hair needs sun protection too. I love Aveda's hair protectant or just wear a hat! - @BeautyLogicBlog
Keep your broad spectrum SPF near your toothbrush or set an alert on your phone so you don't forget to practice #BGSafeSun - @StyleNBeautyDoc
Summer sun is no joke! Every day I wear broad spectrum SPF, and I'm a fan of big sun visors to keep my fabulous 'fro in tact while outdoors. - @afrobella
I'm so bad with sun protection! But I now try to enjoy it after 4pm, when the sun is less dangerous & you get to see a gorgeous sunset ;)  - @YuliZ
Always remember to reapply and bring an SPF-infused lip balm with you to the beach. Don't forget your ears & scalp! - @Glambr
Wear broad spectrum sunscreen rain or shine, 365. If the sun is out (and it always is) are the damaging UV rays! - @ShannonNelson
Reapply SPF often! Low exposure? Use mineral powder w/ SPF. Big sunglasses w/ UV protection to keep delicate eye area protected - @KateSomerville
Sunscreen Sunscreen Sunscreen and a fabulous hat! @VogueandCoffee
If you get too much sun, apply compresses of cold whole milk to soothe the burn and promote healing - it's better than aloe! - @TheBeautyBean
All summer long, load up on antioxidant-rich foods to help protect your skin from the inside out! - @AlexisWolfer