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Return of the Fendi Baguette

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If you’re a girl of a certain age, it’s likely that you remember the Fendi Baguette.  We remember how it glittered – almost haphazardly – just off the crook of an arm.  An icon of accessorizing in the late 90s and early 00s, the Baguette reached the same heights as Manolo Blahnik d’orsay stilettos (there even was a certain scene depicting the two in certain Fashion City danger).  Gentlemen, we are not discussing French bread here; but it must be known that the Baguette derived from how one should carry it: cradled under the arm, like a loaf of French bread.

The Baguette evolved from Silvia Venturini Fendi’s dissatisfaction with 90s minimalism; she wanted the antithesis to that: something simple and comfortable but also playful and unexpected.  Introduced in 1997, the Baguette has been seen in limitless variations — from leather and denim to the lushest embroidery around.

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This year the Baguette has experienced a 3D revival (it even has its own Facebook page!).  Evolving beyond its previous incarnations, the Baguette can shwish.  Yes, that’s right: this season the Fendi team has introduced the Baguette in a third dimension: starburst sequins, beaded fringe and trompe l’oeil color blocks resembling 10th grade geometric class.  The result? a totally fun refresh of a Fendi classic.  While still true to the Baguette’s original design, these latest styles have a modern twist: some don’t even feature the Fendi logo (one of which can only be found at Bergdorf Goodman — see red and orange bag to your right).  So how to style your petite pouch?  Take a cue from Pat Field and dress it downtown… casual.  You want to avoid making your Baguette look too precious.  Think printed jeans and a crisp white shirt, graphic prints like stripes and colorblocks, or even colored leather.  The point of the baguette is to be carefree and playful — so go on, have fun!

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