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Prickly Chairs

Valentina Gonzalez Wohlers delightfully quirky chairs

5 5 2011

5 5 11

Now this is a cactus that you’ll want to sit upon.

Valentina Gonzalez Wohlers’ Prickly Pear Chairs cleverly juxtapose Mexican and European aesthetic by adapting the classic French Louis XV oval chair to resemble the Nopal cactus. It’s where Rococo meets Tenochtitlan — a hybrid of all that is frivolous, colorful and strangely thoughtful colliding into irreverent, playful harmony. And did we mention? They’re available in Señor (two-armed), Señora (one-armed) and Prickly Light exclusively on the Seventh Floor.

Feliz Cinco de Mayo

Prickly Chair - Male, 212 872 8872 Lady Prickly Chair, 212 872 8872

Blue Dining Chair, 212 872 8872 Yellow Dining Chair, 212 872 8872Pink Dining Chair, 212 872 8872

Our Prickly Pear Chairs are available on the Seventh Floor
Please call 212 872 8872 for more details