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Our Thoughts: Philip B Drop Dead Straightening Baume

Guest Blogger Rachel Adler sets the record straight

6 24 2011

6 24 11


For us girls with curly or wavy hair, going through the hassle of a blow dry means commitment. All day we find ourselves fraught with constant worry over whether or not our naturally textured tresses will remain sleek and straight. And if the weather report calls for the slightest drop of humidity, well forget about a blow out all together — we’re sticking with curls. Luckily there is another option: straightening balm — a product that helps to ease the blow dry process and maintain a sleek finish all day.


Philip B Drop Dead Straightening Baume completes this task with ease. The silicone-free, heat-activated baume is airy in texture, non-greasy and rids hair of frizz while shortening the blow dry time. I recommend applying the baume through hair from roots to ends and dry with a round brush, concentrating the dryer nozzle at your problem areas (I tend to get frizzies and fly-aways around my face, so I focus on there). The finished result is glossy and gorgeous….and rest assured — you don’t have to worry about kinks and waves popping up throughout the day.


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