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Patriotic Party Stripe: Fourth of July Nail Art Tutorial

The Fourth of July is upon us. . . and what’s a Beauty Girl to do? Obviously an Independence Day Nail Art Tutorial is in order. Follow along as Ari Fund, of The Glittery, shares a step-by-step on creating a perfectly patriotic mani that’s certain to cause sparks.


Guerlain Protective La Base Coat & Le Top Coat Gel (212 872 2734)

Clinique A Different Nail Enamel for Sensitive, Concrete Jungle (212 872 2782

Dior Beauty Dior Vernis, Trafalgar (212 872 8980)

Yves Saint Laurent Beaute La Laque No18 Bleu Majorelle (212 872 8654)


Eye shadow sponge

STEP 1: After base coat and allow to dry.

STEP 2: Paint one coat of white nail polish. Dry completely.

STEP 3: Dab red and blue polish on opposite sides of clean eye shadow sponge. Tap the sponge all over nail to create a sponged effect. Don’t worry if paint gets on your skin. That’s a sign you’re doing it right! Later, you can dip a pointed cotton swab in nail polish remover to clean up your skin/cuticle.

STEP 4: After step 3 is dry, place two pieces of tape vertically across the center of nail

Step 5: Paint white nail polish in between tape then gently remove the tape.

Step 6: After a few minutes, seal the deal with your top coat.  VOILA! You’ve got yourself a patriotic party stripe!