5F Summer: Misha Nonoo’s European Holiday

7 26 2013
Viva Espana with Misha Nonoo

Earlier this summer my husband and I traveled across the pond and explored the Baix Emporda region of Catalonia, Spain.  It was a quick trip but we managed to do and see lots!

— Misha Nonoo

Click through the above slideshow for Misha's travel tips & vacation photos View More

5F Summer: Tibi

Designer Amy Smilovic shares her styling tips

7 26 2013
Transitional pieces are key to creating looks that you can wear now and well into the cooler fall months.  Amy Smilovic, designer and founder of Tibi, shares her favorite tips and looks when it comes to summer transitional dressing. "When shopping this summer, I'm drawn to pieces I can wear immediately, but will stay current... View More

Charmed: Annina Vogel’s Stars

7 24 2013
Annina Vogel Starburst Necklace, 212 872 2518
From the moment that Halley’s Comet shot through the cosmos, Victorians harnessed the Star as a gesture of sentimental love.  As a light in the darkness, stars have entranced onlookers for centuries and the diamonds themselves work perfectly to show the shine of the star but also symbolize longevity and strength already seen in... View More

Six Summer Lacquers You Need Right Now

7 24 2013
Dior Nail Vernis Graphic Berry
This summer there’s something for everyone. From demure to bold and metallic to sheer, we’ve got you covered. Read on as we share the six lacquers you need right now. Guerlain Color Lacquer - Nahema (212 872 2734) Burst on the scene with intense, orangey-red. This one’s a keeper for tips and toes. Dior... View More

Monica Rich Kosann & The Film That Inspired Her New Boutique

7 23 2013
Monica Rich Kosann Charms
We have a new edition to the Seventh Floor. Designer & photographer, Monica Rich Kosann, worked with our team to design our first MRK boutique. The new boutique will feature her photography, jewelry, antique frames, candles, first collection of stationery and much more. Come celebrate the opening and see the new collections... View More

BG Recipes: Roasted Salmon & Summer Salad

7 21 2013
Salmon Salad
Entertaining guests this weekend? BG Restaurant Chef Marybeth Boller has a new recipe for us, and it couldn't be more tasty. Their new Oven Roasted Salmon and Summer Bean Salad is perfectly in tune with summertime favorites - salty ocean breeze, farmer's market vegetables, relaxing beach nights, fresh Atlantic fish... Follow the recipe below... View More

Behind the Lens: Zak Bush

5th/58th discusses cameras, snow surfing and fashion week blizzards

7 19 2013

It may seem odd... asking a surf photographer to capture what unfolds backstage at New York Fashion Week but we wanted a different perspective.  While a seasoned fashion photographer instantly recognizes the big names and famous faces, someone new to the scene may see beauty... View More

Introducing 3×1 Denim

Now available on 5F

7 19 2013
3x1 Wash No 3 Mid-Rise Skinny, 212 872 2887
The 3x1 mission: make the best jeans in the world. With already two denim collections under his belt, Paper Denim & Cloth and Earnest Sewn founder Scott Morrison gives us yet another reason to love our basic blues: 3x1 Denim. With a name derived from denim's standard weaving construction, the 3x1 Right Hand Twill, 3x1 Denim... View More

#BGTutorial – Nail Art Inspired by Rag & Bone

7 17 2013
Rag & Bone Fall 2013 Collection
We're back at it with runway inspired Nail Art. The eye-catching trend shows no sign of letting up and we're running with it. Today we're taking cues from Rag & Bone's bold colors & aviation touches. The cool burst of tangerine and ripe berry mix provide a striking contrast that's just dying to be... View More

Walter Steiger’s Heels Are a Walk in the Park

7 17 2013
Believe it or not, there's a mathematical reason Walter Steiger's vertiginous heels are easy to navigate. It all has to do with angles and pitch.  While most heels thrust one's arch forward, Steiger's signature claw heel lends a soft-sloping shank, making a pair of 7.5" platforms feel on par with your favorite wedge.... View More