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Pack light: two bikinis, six ways

Plus tune into the ultimate Summer playlist!

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Today we’re taking a deep dive into the art of packing… because there are those who pack light and those who just simply can’t.  When it comes to long weekend travel, we live for the vision of traveling with little more than a petite hard case and hat box… because what’s more glamorous than that?

One of our favorite packing tricks is the art of bikini mix-mastery – pack two swimsuits and suddenly you have eight combinations (and even more with Missoni and Roberto Cavalli in the mix).  It’s a fresh, playful way to think about hitting the beach or even your favorite beach bar.

Ready to mix it up? These are our tips:

Pattern Play  — The easiest way to mix it up is by pairing one solid piece (preferably in darker fabric) with a patterned one.  Just make sure you have a unifying color.

Prints + Prints — Take your mix-mastery to the next level by mixing a print…with another print.  Whether it’s an embellished design (like Norma Kamali’s studs with Roberto Cavalli’s prints) or a classic Missoni zigzag with a We Are Handsome bottom, prints and patterns have more fun when they play together.  But remember this: it’s all about balance.

White Hot & Something Not — White bikinis can be difficult to wear so try pairing your white hot top with a dark or patterned bottom. If, like Miguelina’s white two-piece, the ties are colored, find a print that speaks to that color.

Click through the slideshow to see how we’re mixing & matching, as well as to get printable versions of each set. 

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Looking for the ultimate summer playlist?
Tune into your favorite summer songs below: