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Out & About: L’Amour Fou at the Paris

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The Culture of Fashion at Paris

5 20 2011

None of us can deny Yves Saint Laurent’s influence.  Particularly this season with everyone abuzz about the YSL-effect — the resurgence after his passing of those signature color combinations, a revival of his visions of boho-deluxe and soigné safari, and a timely return to his chic play on the tuxedo adapted for women, Le Smoking.

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Image courtesy The Paris Theater

With his iconic footprint in mind this rainy weekend, we’re taking our own footsteps next door to the beloved Paris Theater to watch Pierre Thoretton’s elegantly constructed story about the designer.  L’Amour Fou, the new poignant documentary film about the special relationship, life and personal collections of Yves Saint Laurent and his partner, Pierre Bergé. It’s playing , fortunately for us, next door at The Paris Theatre, from May 13th and running through the first week of June.
Meet us at the Paris?

Showtimes: 11:30am + 1:35pm + 3:40pm + 5:45pm + 7:55pm + 10pm


Getting to the Paris: Use our 58th Street exit (please say hello to our doorman, James). Take a left and walk for appx 7 paces.

Visit the Paris online

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