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NYFW Beauty Trends for Fall 2012: Enviable Complexion

Embrace the trend

2 22 2012


Eyes, cheeks, and lips vary from show to show — but skin is always (always!) pristine. Flawless perfection is never out of season. Whether dewy, semi-matte, or perfectly powdered — clear, impeccable, enviable complexion is invariably ‘in’. And if you weren’t born with the genetic code of a runway siren, worry not — We’ve got you covered.

Brand new from Hourglass Cosmetics: Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation (212 872 8842) is an ultra-mattifying liquid to powder formulation with double-duty anti-aging properties that camouflage imperfections while improving the state of skin over time. The oil-free, water-resistant foundation is ideal for oily, combination, and acne-prone skin. It applies silky smooth and dries powdery soft. A must for the girl who teeters between overly dewy and sort of oily.

Is your skin on the drier side? You’ll want to try a more emollient formulation like Laura Mercier Moisture Supreme Foundation, also available in oil-free (212 872 2780). The coverage immediately, visibly minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines to provide a smooth, soft, matte finish. For up to 8 hours, the fragrance-free coverage feels airy and light. Aloe Vitamin, and Panthenol soothe, while providing moisture balance. Green Tea Leaf Extract provides an antioxidant boost and natural astringent properties. Vitamin A wards off wrinkles and Silica smoothes the surface. More mature skin will applaud the added hydration!

Foundation perfection isn’t the only route to enviable skin. In fact, luminous skin begins with your skin care routine. If the reflection in the mirror has lost its ‘pizazz’ (read: dull, uneven tone, unsmooth texture) Natura Bisse Tolerance Enzyme Peel (212 872 2693) can help relieve skin of damaged layers and reveal brighter, clearer complexion. This exceptionally gentle at-home peel pampers skin as it exfoliates.





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Hourglass Cosmetics: 212 872 8842
Laura Mercier: 212 872 2780
Natura Bisse: 212 872 2693