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Thakoon discusses his LP collection

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I’ve always loved records, but never really collected them — until this year, of course.

It’s become a fun part of what we do when we escape upstate. There are 2 or 3 great record stores up here…I guess because college here still get into them.  My boyfriend Russ always has loved records, and this past year he found old refurbished Marantz player and receiver for our house. Now it’s our tradition: every time we visit the Catskills, we visit the record shops (my favorite is Jack’s Rythms in New Paltz).

The process of putting on and playing a record is very engaging…it makes you appreciate music in a new, old, way – you listen to an album through-and-through, fully experiencing the journey of artist (as opposed to cherry-picking what you want to listen to on your iPod).

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These are my favorite records right now:

Peter Frampton — We recently got into Frampton after hearing one of his songs on a movie.

Lolita Soundtrack — Love this movie so much and was thrilled to discover this album (in a mint condition) when we were visiting Chicago during Christmas holiday.

Steve Miller Band — I rarely listened to The Steve Miller Band when I was younger… but discovering them on a record is just like being a kid again.

A Tribe called Quest — I found this album at the mall upstate! They recently started stocking newly pressed old albums… so I’m taking it as a good sign that I’ll be able to get more of what I used to listen to in brand new quality. Anyhow, I used to listened to A Tribe Called Quest all the time. Really excited about this find.

Patsy Kline — This is such a fun album.

The Smiths — Steven Morrisey is far more gut-wrenching on an LP!  The clarity of his voice really comes through.

Depeche Mode — Again, a newly pressed old classic.

Ella Fitzgerald and Oscar Peterson — An older Ella on this record but this duo album is magnificent.

I don’t have old U2 on LP otherwise I’d be listening to that this weekend.

— Thakoon

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Tuesday, February 15

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