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Linda Fargo: What’s in My Bag

Fashion Week is coming. My schedule's already prepped.

Now all I must do is get my Linda Bag ready... here's a peek inside

8 4 2011

Linda Fargo Fashion Week Survival Tips

Presenting Linda’s Fashion Week Survival Must-Haves


1.  My ultra-functional and handsome Nancy Gonzalez Linda Bag.  It can go from almost a suitcase level of capacity to neat, nice and trim.  The only thing it can’t do is teleport me to my next appointment across town.

2.  My ever-changing schedule… of course

3.  My trusty Moleskine — I still can’t live completely digitally

4.  My new & improved Blackberry (with a better camera feature!)

5. Uni-Ball black medium point pens!! — they’re the fastest writing machines

6. Basic survival tools: Handy toothbrushes and toothpaste from numerous hotel rooms—super important with all of our fashion kissing and close quarters; Arnica pellets—ouch; PURE hand sanitizer — I mean hello!; Clarins Beauty Flash Balm (212 872 2564); daily packets of Natura Bisse’s Intensive Tolerance Booster (212 872 2693), La Mer lip balm (212 872 2793); Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve (212 872 2764); TicTacs; and Jo Malone’s pretty Orange Blossom Cologne (212 872 2764).  And Aspirin! because you never know who’s going to have a heart attack


7. Favorite red lipsticks because, when there’s no time to change from day to night, at least my lips lend some much needed glamour.  Right now, I’m into Tom Ford’s Cherry Lush (212 872 2813) and Chanel’s Cambon (212 872 2779).


8. I’m afraid to say it but… reading glasses


9. Required reading — The Daily and WWD — not much time for the Times right now

10. A photograph from my trip to Tahiti to remind me that there’s life after fashion and yes: paradise exists!







11. Since we never know if and when we might eat again — everyone knows I always have a little stash of nuts and energy nibbles

Nancy Gonzalez Linda Bag, 212 872 2810Nancy Gonzalez Linda Bag 212 872 8820 Nancy Gonzalez Linda Bag, 212 872 2810

212 872 8820

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