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Myriam Schaefer and the bags we want to carry

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Obsessive is an easy way to describe the impeccably clean lines of Myriam Schaefer’s eponymous handbag collection.  ”I selfishly thought of the bags that I would like to have and I created them!” confessed the once-upon-a-time handbag and leather goods consultant for Balenciaga.

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In thinking about what she carries (ie: Perrier bottle, sunglasses and glasses, two Blackberries, address book, and wallet – not including the rest of her life…), Schaefer set out to design a bag that resolved the large tote mire.  While large, her bags are light-weight (thus eliminating sore shoulders and forearms) and incredibly functional.  Lined in bright saffron, it’s easy to identify what’s inside.  And although they are a casual, daytime bag, a Myriam Schaefer bag is the best of the best, presenting hand-crafted, serialized bags to the 21st-century girl.

A modern woman’s day is unexpected and ever-changing — there are meetings and lunches and red-eyes and after-school responsibilities… and this is the bag that keeps all of the chaos organized and clutter-free.