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Introducing Misha Nonoo: A Short Film

Meet Nonoo, the latest collection to arrive on 5F.

Decidedly fresh, the Nonoo girl drifts from day-to-night with an chic simplicity.  She’s a velvet slippers girl, a let your eyeliner smudge a bit too much girl… she keeps an old tarot card  tucked safely in the pocket of her clutch.

Discover the Nonoo Fall Collection in this short film filmed on location in Paris.  Collaborating with French filmmaker Paul Barros, this singular short captures the inspiration for Nonoo’s fall collection, Anouk Aimee.  Highlighting historical Parisian landmarks, this three-minute short is the perfect drift to get you in the mood for the perfect Fall day romance.

Are you a Nonoo girl?
Find the collection on 5F, 212 872 8856.