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Thirty Years with Michael Kors

Celebrating his 30th year as a designer, Kors presented a Fall Collection that delighted us with an homage to his most popular pieces of past and present.

8 5 2011

8 5 11

After decades of confidence and glamour, Michael Kors joined us yesterday morning to present his Fall Collection, celebrating his 30th anniversary.

Silky jersey, warm wool and cashmere, and delicate chiffon, designed in Fall’s new favorite color “sun tan” nude, perfectly complemented the designer’s archival pieces while still making powerful additions to your closet.  When presenting his collection, Kors noted that the sexiness of the 70s, sportiness of the 80s and minimalism of the 90s from his earlier years were called upon in this Fall – making it an unforgettable homage to his most popular pieces of past and present.  As always, his most-considered models (that would be you) were minded as he dreamed up the perfect commuter jacket (I imagine the ladies wearing this when riding the train down from Connecticut, mused the designer as a camel cape floated before us); body-hugging, long-sleeved dresses (It’s sexy with a sleeve! Because I know the girls like to cover their arms sometimes); and a muted mauve that he deemed a color that’s not a color… because sometimes you just don’t want to wear black.  And, just as he always does, Kors delighted us with his candor, classic silhouettes and desire to continue his legacy of designing great American sportswear. We must admit: we cannot wait to see what the next thirty years hold.


The Michael Kors Collection now is available on the Third Floor
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