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All Packed Up: Memorial Day Weekend

What's in our Beach Bag?

5 27 2011

5 27 11

Memorial Day is upon us… and we’re yet again confronted with the befuddling transition of summertime dressing in a place that’s only beginning to feel like spring.

And yet the Jitney awaits at 59th and Lex — are your bags packed?

If not, here’s our cheat sheet:
scroll over images for details


Theodora & Callum Beach Bag 212 872 8901 Clarins-50+ 212 872 2564

All beach trips — no matter the location — require a few absolutes: sun protection, long sleeve shirts, sandals and the perfect beach bag.  Theodora & Callum’s print bag with braided jute strap (212 872 8901) is big enough to hold your essentials while staying true to carefree summertime style.  Another thing you mustn’t forget: sun protection.  Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer — and it can effect anyone. So, even if you’re an olive-tone who never burns, always remember to pack a strong SPF.  If you’re planning to take a dip or break a sweat (tennis, anyone?), do not forget to reapply your waterproof sunscreen.  And, while you’re at it, throw a hat into your bag.  Not only do they shield your face, Eugenia Kim & Patricia Underwood’s styles (212 872 2604) add an air of mystery and chic glamour to any look.

Gucci Horsebit Sandal 212 872 3290Equipment Shirt, 212 872 8941 Isabel Marant 212 872 8901

We all know how quickly the weather can change, and that’s why we’re never one to forget a breezy, long-sleeve shirt like Equipment’s floral blouse (212 872 8941).  Perfect over a swimsuit, it easily transitions to cooler nights.  And, while you may not be entirely ready to bare your feet, sandals are an essential part of summer dressing.  With thick straps and hardware, Isabel Marant’s gladiators (right, 212 872 8941) perfectly capture that modern-yet-somewhat-vintage feeling that so many of us like — plus their casual feel make them perfect for hopping from beach to backyard barbecue.  In other words, they’re practical, comfortable and cute.  Sandals for gents is a bit more precarious… In his new book, How to be a Man, Bergdorf Goodman Magazine editor Glenn O’Brien advises to wear flip-flops at the pool and only at the pool (however we believe that beach can apply in this scenario); however, some gentlemen may want to broaden their options.  If you’re one of these fellows, you must adhere to the same summer practices that ladies follow: either get a pedicure or keep your feet covered.  If your feet are sandal-ready, we like classic rubber flip-flops for the beach and Gucci’s Crocodile Horsebit Sandals (212 339 3290) for your off-beach kicks.  We do understand, however, that most gents would want to keep their piggies covered; and therefore recommend a lighter slip-on for everyday wear.  Keep your look fresh with Ralph Lauren’s espadrilles, Ferragamo’s suede slip-ons, boat shoes or classic TOMS:

Ferragamo 212 339 3290 Ralph Lauren 212 339 3290 TOMS 212 339 3340
For Ferragamo & Ralph Lauren, call 212 339 3290
For TOMS, call 212 339 3340





How to be a Man 212 872 8787Duvelleroy Fans 212 872 8787Lancome Flash Bronzer 212 872 2740

No trip should be without the vacation-only accouterments — you know, the things that only make sense when basking in the shade of a beach-front umbrella.  And while some veer on the quirky (like Duvelleroy’s iconic fans), we see these as the things that differentiate a vacation from a simple weekend away.  No vacation is complete without a true beach read; and, while we currently have our nose in Rohinton Mistry’s A Fine Balance, we still encourage flipping through Glenn’s witty style & manners handbook for gents (212 872 8787).  Now, if when imagining yourself on the beach brought forth feelings of dread, worry not: your pale legs will be bronzed in a flash with Lancome’s easy-to-use Flash Bronzer.  After blending one coat on your exfoliated legs, you’ll see immediate results that progress over time.  Added bonus: your bronzed gams will stay that way for up to a week (don’t worry: we tested it).  But, like all self-tanners, you must remember to wash your hands following the application (trust us: we know from experience).

Vilebrequin 212 339 3290 Le Metier de Beaute 212 872 8612 Gryphon Skirt 212 872 2843

You know what else gets us in that vacation state-of-mind?  Vilebrequin swim trunks.  Always and without a doubt.  Maybe we’re drawn to their incredibly fun prints that have us dreaming of sunnier days in San Tropez… there’s also the fact that their designs are available for father & son (212 339 3290).  And, if this doesn’t make you smile, we don’t know what will.  Also, when it comes to long summer days, we like to keep them bright and colorful — particularly when it comes to our fingers and toes. Luckily this season’s lacquers have fully embraced the color-wheel with a boisterous variety of hues ranging from Caribbean teal (as seen above from Le Metier de Beaute, 212 872 8612) to daffodil yellow.  If you’re worried about keeping your nails office-appropriate, keep your nails trimmed short and blunt.  And, speaking of short, embellished short skirts (like this one from Gryphon, 212 872 2843) paired with a white oxford skirt and flat sandals (like these sparklers recently spotted on 5F) will look splendid with your new tan.  The other vacation dressing option is quite the opposite but just as breezy and delightful; so please direct your eyes to the below from Tibi (212 872 2843):

Tibi Maxi Dress 212 872 2840

No matter the length of your hem (whether cropped short of dusting the ground a la maxi), our quintessential summertime shoe is the wedge.  Easy to walk in (while still lending us a few inches), this season’s wedge is bright, bold and flirty.  Consider the below from Paloma Barcelo (212 872 8941):

Paloma Barcelo, 212 872 8941Paloma Barcelo, 212 872 8941 Paloma Barcelo, 212 872 8941


CameraMini Milly 212 872 2857Waiting for the Sun, 212 339 3290

Sometimes it’s easiest to forget the obvious: camera, swimsuit, sunnies, etc. so we find it’s easiest to pack those first (or, in some cases, wear them during the trip over).  No trip is complete without a camera; and, while it’s not available on our floors, our blogging & tumbling teams have found that this little Canon Powershot takes some pretty grand pictures while still being small enough to fit in a clutch.  While we mentioned swim trunks before, we thought it important to remind you: don’t forget your swimsuit.  Especially when the kiddoes are concerned.  This teeny bikini is Mini Milly (212 872 2857) and would look pretty precious on the adventurous surfette.  Another thing not to forget: your sunglasses (trust: it happens; a recent poll proved that 20% of you do it).  We’ve discovered that, when your sunglasses make you smile with glee, you’re less likely to forget them.  So, whether they’re Prada’s fantastical Baroque sunnies (212 872 2544) or color blocked like the above from Waiting for the Sun (212 339 3290), fun colors and vintage shapes are a bonafide way to remember.

Other things not to forget?

Theodora & Callum 212 872 8901
The ever-versatile scarf.
(perfect for warmth, quickie swimsuit coverup or even a table-cloth in an absolute pinch)

We do hope you enjoy the long weekend

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