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Meet the Nancy Gonzalez Cristina Bag

Cristina Gonzalez shares childhood memories and secrets

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My childhood memories are a mix of the eclectic, and the surreal.

We were raised surrounded¬† by love, family, nannies, friends, trips to the modern world, visits to museums, Disney, Europe, New York¬† and travels to the Colombian jungle where my father loved to take us. My mother also would come along with her impeccable outfits for every occasion in the middle of the Colombian pacific rainforest in my father’s boat… it must have been the last time she wore rubber sole shoes. Santiago was more adapted when the trips were somewhere outside our native Colombia, he complained about the stickiness of the weather and the lack of civilization off course. Me on the contrary, enjoyed every trip wherever they took us as long as Santiago was by my side I was OK.

Looking back I feel very fortunate to have grown up in such a mix environment with such loving parents and the best brother I would have ever have.

- Cristina Gonzalez

Meet Cristina Gonzalez as she introduces the Cristina Bag this Thursday, April 25 and Friday, April 26.
Call 212 872 2555 for more details.

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