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LoubiTales: Fifi Mosaic

1 24 2012

Christian Louboutin Fifi Mosaic, 212 872 8947

Know one of my New York City secrets?
Subway mosaics.

It’s a lovely touch of art in this racing, speeding world.
Like when you’re weighed down by two heaving canvas totes, arms are filled to the gills with papers and a bike messenger cut you off so now you’re sporting the latest in eau de café… and now you must balance – surf-style, in the middle of MTA’s rush-hour – from Fifth Avenue and 60th Street to Prince Street. In 140mm stilettos.
Let’s go to 23rd street and try on hats. I’ll stand tip-toe (a top-hat just within crown’s reach) and you don the Gainsborough. We’ll ask unsuspecting travelers to take our picture, giddy tourist style. Or let’s go to the zoo! Ponies are having a frolic at Fifth Avenue. Let’s explore the underwater universe, tile-by-tile, at Houston Street: sea lions & cephalopods will gaze – googly-eyed – at us. Perhaps a quick museum trip at 81st?  We’ll watch the planet’s history unfold before us… Or we can ponder deep thoughts & word play in Williamsburg, gaze upon Lichtenstein color pop at 42nd street… Oh, we mustn’t forget Bill Brand’s Masstransiscope, it’s a delightful flash of genius. And, if we take the Q to 59th Street next Tuesday, we may have a chance to meet our Fifi Mosaic master, Christian Louboutin.

There’s a true adventure waiting for us, just underground.  All we have to do is look.
Won’t you join us?

Stay tuned for more LoubiTales on 5th/58th

Meet the Man
Tuesday, January 31
Second Floor
212 872 8947

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