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LoubiTales: Echasse

1 23 2012

Christian Louboutin Echasse 212 872 8947

Echasse / stilt

We danced ’til dawn, spinning dizzily across the confetti — Colorblocks & the Disco Dynasty thumped the LoubiTunes we all knew by heart… and sole: High Kick! The Red Menace and The Louboutin Hunt.  Jem & the Holograms joined us, synthesizing to the beat, 120mm at at time; their feet flickered on stage: raspberry, golden and teal.  There were jets of electricity, shocks of excitement, shouts of Loubi-wheeeee!!!  And then, just as the pulse reached its fever pitch, our red platforms lit up (as though electrified by wild Amazona powers), and Wonder Woman joined the metallics reverie.  

Tap-tap went the microphone, hush purred the crowd.  Her announcement began: it’s official, mon meilleur ami, Monsieur Louboutin is on his way.  Yes, yes! It’s true! So come join us the 31st of January from 3-6pm; he’ll be in the Shoe Salon.  And just like that, as quick as a flash, dawn greeted us with rosy light and our starlight charade drifted into the sunrise… Oh my dear Loubis, could this be true?  Heart thumping madly, we only can trust where your red soles guide us.  Yet your colors dance bright, bold and ready to jet on to the next adventure… let’s see where the next chapter takes us.

Stay tuned for more LoubiTales on 5th/58th

Meet the Man
Tuesday, January 31
Second Floor
212 872 8947

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