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Loewe Inspired: Introducing Barroco

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Steeped in Spain’s rich Baroque history, Loewe’s new Barroco Collection presents its country’s heritage through a limited-edition assemblage of bags, scarves and leather goods echoing Spain’s art and architecture.

Citing inspiration in the ornate ceilings scattered throughout Spain (see slides 2 & 4), Loewe creative director Stuart Vevers mixed the 17th-century Baroque influence with classic Loewe artistry and heritage (through their celebrated Flamenco silhouette).  As in the Loewe tradition, Borroco is hand-crafted and hand-embossed — employing techniques passed down through generations dating to the 8th century when the Arab occupation of southern Spain brought a highly sophisticated culture of leather craft from Northern Africa.

Although echoing the architectural romance of yesterday, Barroco is best worn with a very modernist spin.  Pair your Barroco with a downtown palette: dark, moody hues and silhouettes that pleasingly contrast with Barroco’s florid sensibility.  Consider pleated leather pants, sharply-tailored jackets and shoes that mimic Baroque’s arcs and romance (see below slideshow for more inspiration).

Join us during our Fall Bonus InCircle Event this Thursday, October 11 and Friday, October 12 as we present the Loewe Barroco Collection on the Main Floor.

For more details, call 212 872 2846.